Monday, May 20, 2013

Shark gives evidence!

"The arm belonged to one Jim Smith, a small-time crook who, funnily enough, hadn't been seen recently"

Some time ago Fabulous Gary Corby mentioned a crime that was solved by a shark. Naturally I perked up my fins and asked for details.  This morning Gary posted the story here on his blog.

Of course it cracked me up completely, as I hope it does you.

And if, like me, it reminds you of how much fun it is to read Gary Corby's work, well, we're all in luck there. SACRED GAMES, the third book in the Nico series, is being published tomorrow 5/21 and you're in for a treat. Publishers  Weekly thinks so too and in addition to the starred review (even calling it "the best thus far"--and both his other books were starred reviews as well!), ran an interview with Gary.

Juliet Grames, Fabulous editor (L) and Bronwen Hruska, Fabulous publisher (R)

Available whereever you buy your Fabulous books!


ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) said...

Hurrah for the latest book! I've been recently recommending his others to my friends. Looking forward to reading this one soon.

Colin Smith said...

"Best thus far"? That's a big claim given how good the last two were. Looking forward to it! :)

Gary Corby said...

It might be pointed out that none of those books would exist were it not for a particular Sharkly Agent. And too Juliet and Bronwen.

Thank you all, Ladies!

Kitty said...

I had never heard of an "erasure" poem until I read GATSBY SUMMER NIGHT. I like the idea; it reminds me of Janet's title-poem contest. So using the first page of "The Pericles Commission" -- I have Gary's first two books in my to-read stack -- I 'wrote' an erasure poem.

Kitty said...

Here's the poem:
A dead man at my feet
lay facedown in the dirt
shot through the heart.
The body was warm to my touch
his wound, slippery and wet
I heard the footsteps of someone coming
perhaps the killer
I stepped backward to take cover

Janet Reid said...

OOHHHHHHHH, Kitty!!!!! LOVE this!!!


Gary Corby said...

Kitty, you just made my day.

Would it be okay with you if I copied this to my web site and credited you in a blog post? I'd love my blog readers to see it.

Kitty said...

Be my guest!

Gary Corby said...

Done. You're now as famous as it's possible to be on my web site. Thanks Kitty.

Michael Seese said...

"Some time ago Fabulous Gary Corby mentioned a crime that was solved by a shark."

Would it be safe to say the book is an example of biting satire?

Gary Corby said...

Michael, that would be hard to swallow.