Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There's a wonderful post at Crimespree by Steve Ulfelder on Five Albums That Changed My Life. I always like getting a peek into my clients lives this way, but the real revelation was the last album.

Here's what Steve says:

 Joe Ely – Satisfied at Last
"This is art by a full-grown man examining his life with, by turns, bemusement and sadness and pride. Ely lists his regrets great and small; he considers God and the afterlife; he tells stories with economy and heart. Every number is perfect.

Here’s the highest compliment I can pay: If Conway Sax, my series protagonist, were one hell of a talented musician, this is the record he would write. In fact, I hereby declare “I’m a Man Now,” the album’s next-to-last song, Conway’s theme:

I’m a man now, I ain’t no kid

I done some things I never should have did

I paid the price – my weight in pain

I’m a man now, I’m free of shame

I’ve been a runner for decades. I was once pretty serious about it, but I find myself running less and slower. For the past few years, if you want the truth, I’ve done nearly all my running at the local middle-school track, and only in warm weather.

So on the one hand, my runs are a sad sight: a fiftysomething man scuffling around, logging 12-minute miles.

But boy, do I love that track, my town, the view. There are the pretty ballfields, of course, and a wetlands area below. There’s the handsome school itself. And on every lap, I catch a glimpse of the steeple of my longtime church.

To run laps in a place you love. To run them slower and slower as the years pass. To reflect and recall and regret as you run, and to laugh at yourself about all of it.

I listen to Joe Ely as I run. I believe he would understand."

Steve's next novel in the Conway Sax series SHOTGUN LULLABY will be published on May 14. You can pre-order it here


Joyce Tremel said...

I seriously love Steve's books. I'm forever grateful to Meredith for introducing me to Purgatory Chasm. I can't wait to read the new one!

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

My husband introduced me to Joe Ely's music when we met 17 years ago, back in the olden days when people made mix tapes for their girlfriends. Several of his songs are forever linked to those tapes in my mind now.

Both of us can't wait for the next Conway! There will be fighting over the kindle. No there won't. I always get to read first. :)

Unknown said...

Have to agree with both Joyce and Laura. Steve's writing touches a deep place in my soul. It's as if he's brave enough to reveal something the rest of us keep hidden.

Terri Lynn Coop said...

As a lucky duck early reader of Shotgun Lullaby I can say this:

a) You will love it. The most intense look at the conundrum that is Conway Sax to date.

b) Why yes, there are shotguns.

c) Steve throws in a bit of humor about himself that his friends and close fans will immediately pick up on.

d) In typical Steve fashion, if you are absolutely positive you know who did it, then you are wrong.

e) You will love it. So, just go order it right now.

And chatter on FB has it that the first draft of Conway4 is in the can. *kermit flail*