Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday night at the question emporium

During the process of polishing my novel to query agents, I employed a professional editor. Should I include this information in my query? If so, to what extent? 


First, leave me to my delusions that you wrote the book yourself with no help. That way I won't wonder if you can do it again.

Second, even though it's true you had help (beta readers, critique group, caustic comments from the QueryShark perhaps) I don't care how your novel came to be. I only care what it's about.

You don't have enough room in a query to add filigree.  Get the plot on the page. Tell me what the book is about. Count it as a good day's work.

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french sojourn said...

Is it unwise to post a query letter on one's writing blog?

It would be for a m/s that is near completion, but a ways off in terms of polish and ability to be sent out.

Sorry for jumping topics.

Cheers Hank