Sunday, December 02, 2012

I may have said no but...

Prowling around the interwebz this morning I came across this tidbit from that Amazing Agent The Suzenator:

On top of my wishlist:
More adult manuscripts. I could go for a good contemporary romance (and I'll even look at new adult contemporary romances). Or women's fiction! Or magical realism. Anything really. I'd love to find another great adult project.

Suzie hangs her hat at New Leaf Literary Saloon. Give her a holler if you've got something AMAZING.


Huntress said...

Something 'amazing'?

Darn. I knew there was a catch.

Anonymous said...

What a great Monday morning reminder that there are agents willing to take on newbies with the right project. It helps get my fingers out of bed and to the keyboard.

Kay Camden said...

Already did, already got rejected.

I still think it's AMAZING though.
And nothing against Suzie. We all have our off days. :D :D :D

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Just sent her a query on your good advice.. I wonder if it will help or hinder that I called her The Suzenator?