Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day!

I love to vote.
I love the idea that this motley crew of hurricane addled and impatient Brooklyners  will all come together today to cast their ballots for the the man who lead our country.

Sure there's a lot wrong these days. The pervasive and cynical influence of political ads is certainly one of them. The lack of any kind of reasonable discussion of issues is another.

There are days to be sure when a return to the monarchy sounds damn good, particularly since I'd like to be Queen of the Known Universe.

There are days when a benevolent dictator sounds just fine..as long as it's ME.

But mostly this muddled thing we call democracy is just fine with me.

I hope you'll go exercise your right to vote.

Vote because your kid should see you do it.

Vote because noble men and women took up arms to make and keep this country free.

Vote because you love America.


Mark Koopmans said...

Amen, Sister Reid, amen.

And I just posted something similar - in honor of Frank Tanabe.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Just got back from casting my vote. Sure made me feel good. Beats going to the dentist, gynecologist or proctologist.
When you think of how many people have died so we may do this and how many people around the world fight to do this...why would you not vote?

Sarah W said...

It's safe to vote here, out in the open, under your own name, knowing that your family will be safe while you make your choice, regardless of whom you choose.

Why wouldn't one celebrate this by making the effort?

Eric Steinberg said...

When I used to carry candidate petitions in Brooklyn, I distinctly remember ringing several bells and being told, "I'm not interested." I'm still not sure what that means...

readingkidsbooks said...

Wow! That surprises me. Imagine the impact of voter intimidation if you don't happen to know your rights!

Marsha Sigman said...

I would vote for you. But your name wasn't on the ballet so I couldn't.

Me and Hubs did our duty. And took kids with us!