Thursday, October 04, 2012

Guess what this is prize!

Sometime back I posted a picture and asked you to guess what it was.

Of course you offered some very entertaining answers:

Chrissie B: It's a bear. But what is it doing in the wood?

Brock Man: Jim Henson's portrayal of a mother's face once she realizes what is written in that new book, The Casual Vacancy, that she just bought her 9 year old.

Patrick d'Orio: It's the surprised face of a frog just before the piano lid was closed upon him with a bang, not a whimper.

Sam B: -The artist is approximately 5.

Adele: It's a panicked button.

W. Scott Bowlin: This is a portrait of my cousin Ray, who, as a small child, dressed up as a doorbell button for Halloween. He always had crazy eyes, but the cherry wood frame you've placed him in makes it a little worse looking than it is. By the way, where did you find this? I've been looking everywhere for it. Ray is getting married next month and I wanted to give it to him as a wedding gift.

Sheila J G: I don't know what it is, but I don't like the way it's looking at my maple nut goodies.

 The closest commenter:

J Larkin: I see this and I think of a warning buzzer...I see the state of the counter (or what have you) it's attached to, and I think 'speakeasy.' So, I'm guessing it's a "Button your mugs, boys, the fuzz just rolled in!" buzzer. :)

This is a button on the wall of a booth of Old Town Bar known to the Fabulosity as Home Sweet Home.  I had lunch there with two friends (neither of whom are 5, sorry Sam!)  recently.  One friend just casually pulled out a baggie of gooogly eyes.  Now, if you think I didn't fall on the floor laughing when I discovered someone I know actually travels with a bag of googly eyes...well, you have another think coming.

Before I could suggest we stick these on our eyeglasses, my friend Julie had them pasted over the call button here.

Now, the question is long before Sean Ferrell and Jeff Somers notice?

And J Larkin if you'll send me your mailing address and the kind of book you like to read we'll set you up with a prize. Sadly, no googly eyes are included!


christwriter said...

Googly eyes. Ah, the fun you can get into with one of those.

My younger brother went through a phase where he anthropomorphized his food, including gluing googly eyes to everything. There were the coopies (feline animal crackers) the paint roller family (those things are actually awesomely soft before you dip them in paint) and the bubble gum ball.

Then during dinner one day my brother decided the littlest biscuit was a baby and thus could not be eaten. My mother nodded, picked up the last remaining large biscuit, declared that it was the littlest biscuit's mother, and began eating it while making small pleading noises. "Don't eat me! My baby! Who will take care of my baby!" My brother stared at her in utter horror, tears rolling down his cheeks, while I struggled valiantly not to laugh (and failed. Miserably)

I think that was the last time he ever googly-eyed anything.

By the way, if you keep a biscuit for anything over a month, it technically becomes a pointy-edged rock. Even when it's the littlest one.

My family is weird.

j welling said...

You'll now have to come to Ann Arbor.

We have Aunt Agatha's and the Old Town Bar - which attracts the same collection of undesirables as your NYC establishment. It's frequented by professors, sheet rock guys, girls whose mothers have no idea that they are wearing "that" ( or that they're dating professors/sheet rock guys), and writers.

I believe the decor is identical but for the marble top bar. Oh, the third table from the door "wobbles." You've been warned.

When they ask, come. We'll see your martini glass never runs dry. Within limits.

Sam B said...

Now I know how to find you, Janet. You will be the one at the Old Town Bar dining with two 7 year olds. I'm onto you!

Teresa Robeson said...

Never in a million years would I have guessed mind just doesn't wander down that part of town.

Oooh, googly eyes. I can't give up my ginormous bag of googly eyes (and pipe cleaners) even though my boys are teens and their crafting days are long over. I'll have to travel with a bag of these babies and spread joy and merriment like your friend did.

GillyB said...

"Panicked button" made me snort my coffee out my nose.

Michelle Kollar said...

I wanted to write that it was a spy device. If you look on the back you'll see the initials B.P. but I kept my laptop shut.

Marsha Sigman said...

I'm pretty sure if one of my friends busted out a bag of googly eyes from their purse...they would immediately achieve BFF status.

J Larkin said...

Victory dances are always more satisfactory when they involve having mentioned speakeasies!

And I sincerely hope the googly eyes are still there...left behind to inspire future generations of 'what is it?' contests.

I'll get an email your way. And thanks for the entertainment :)

Julie O'Connell said...

My husband and children frequently say my mental age is seven. And since I've also googly-eyed my phone, my camera, and our sriracha bottle, they may be right.
Excellent guesses, everyone, and congrats to J Larkin!