Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Night at the Question Emporium

If you were a newbie writer getting ready for a one-on-one 10 minute critique session with an agent at a conference, would you come in with a list of questions, or just with an open mind and a pencil to take notes? I'm going to my first conference next week, and I would like to make the most out of it.

You're asking whether you should come prepared or just wing it?

Let's take a vote about which answer gets a resounding YES!

(pause for counting fins)

Yes, come prepared.
Type out the list of questions.
Make TWO copies.
Give one to the agent, and keep one.

That way the agent can see ALL your questions, and can answer the ones s/he feels are most urgent first.

One of the questions should NOT be: can I send you my book.


Julie Weathers said...

Yes, come prepared. You may get nervous and everything just flies out of your head.

I would also have a couple of pens and a notebook. Be respectful. Make notes. Let the agent speak, but engage them.

Be sure and thank him/her.

Laura said...

So basically, both.

Robert Milstid said...

First I wought research the agents work so I would have a foundation of knowledge of his or her work to begin our session with.
I would come with a list of strengths and a couple of fears to discuss. The agent's critique and insight would be get my full attention. My end goal would be that we had a mutually pleasant exchange of ideas. Note to self, speak less listen more. :)

Michael Seese said...

I don't need to prepare, because I plan to leverage Jedi mind tricks.

"You want to represent my book..."

Steve Forti said...

I recommend bringing cupcakes.

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

Should "how many fins does a shark have?" be part of the list of questions?