Sunday, May 06, 2012

Contest results!

Nothing like a nice train ride from Boston to NYC to provide enough time to read the contest entries and name a winner!

Special recognition for a cameo appearance by Laird Barron
Kregger 4:26pm

A line that should open all novels from here on out:
"Ellie hefted the heaviest pan. She gave it a practice swing."
Papillon crew 4:28pm

Special recognition for writing poems for entries:
BW 5:13pm
Katie 8:34pm
jdh 10:48pm ** double-special recognition cause I had to look up 'saponified' and 'nacreaous'

Call P. Diddy and get this man a record deal!
Michael Seese 6:12pm

Taking special notice to NOT INVITE to the gin joint!
Wry Wryter 8:02pm

Our own version of the Gridiron Dinner
Lauren 2:23pm

These entries made the first cut:
allysonmarrs 4:47pm
Sarah 5:51pm

Sherryl 6:58pm
Otin 10:54pm

ProfeJMarie 11:50am
HungryGals 2:46pm

Terri Coop 9:39pm
Kate Outhwaite 3:43am

These entries made the second cut

Charley 4:23pm

“Step away from the cauldron.”
“We don’t want any trouble.”
“Says you.”
“Drop the paddle. Is it even hygienic?”
“It’s a potion, not soup. You think bat wings are clean?”
“Those aren’t leaves?”
“Twin bats, plucked at new moon”
“Hey, bubbles!”
“Astuteness strikes again.”
“Where’s the fire?”
“Don’t cops tire of saying that?”
“I mean, heat source.”
“It’s called electricity. There’s this plug—”
“Right. Quit spinning that paddle.”
“Too late. Double, double—”
“Stop! You’re under arrest!”
“You’re not a real officer.”
“Literary agent. Hence, cliche police.”
“Rats, foiled again.”
“That’s it. Downtown.”
“You mean . . .”
“I’m going to book you.”

Nate Wilson 5:19pm

Harry stopped one of the boys running past his shop. "What's going on?"

"They found Zitten Spin at the observatory. The giant telescope collapsed on him and that inflatable pod of his. Been trapped in the debris for two days. They tryin' to dig him out. Might be too late, though."

"Zitten... he the brave one?"

"Nah. He's the one freaks out if he don’t shave every day."

"So you're sayin'..."

"Yup. The thin-skinned Spin twin's in double stubble Hubble rubble bubble trouble."

Harry groaned. "That's horrible."

"Yeah." The kid nodded, then headed for the observatory.

"Absolutely horrible."

Marybk 10:02pm

The rugged boy sporting an impish smirk called us Double Decadence. Jada asserted he’d stir trouble faster than wheel could spin wool. She scorned him as uniformly as I encouraged him, we two sides of twin. Whensoever I yinned, she yanged.

A challenge-seeking rogue, he pursued her. Her! Persistent until she pivoted, enmity unraveled to amity. True Love, she proclaimed. Pah.

I, too, twisted. Schemed. Pretending to be Jada proved easy—feigning highbrowedness, knitting poise with equanimity.

Allowing him to bubble inside me? Genuine ecstasy.

Gravidity sparked. Joyful pregnancy. I became two while Jada frayed away a mere half.

KarinB 5:11pm

"Trouble Magnet," his wife called him, among other things.

The taped and broken nose didn't help his defense.

Marty admitted his moral compass could spin, evidence of his double life. The deceitful twin owned the accouterments of normalcy: friends, family, stable job, Friday afternoon golf. A fascination with amateur wrestling explained away the occasional bruise. Only then could he dip into the shadows.

Spandex embraced, he buttoned the scarlet cape at his throat, stemming a bubble of laughter. When he flew this time, he'd make a special effort not to smack a building with his face.

For the first time I can remember, the winner was clear on the very first read.  I have "Holy Smokes!" in my notes for this one.  Total knock out in the first round for: 

Madeline Mora-Summonte 7:55pm


Lucy didn't name them both because she couldn't, wouldn't, keep them both.

In the Double Bubble Laundromat, she chooses a washing machine already on spin. The name brand detergent? The person has a little money. The fabric softener? A woman. Lucy nestles the sleeping Girl Twin in the laundry basket, then turns away.

She lifts Marlon from the cart. Maybe, just maybe, he'll be good to his Mama. Girls are nothing but trouble. She knows. She's one, and all she ever got, or gave, was trouble.

Marlon watches over her shoulder as they leave his sister behind.

Madeline, if you'll send me your mailing address I'll send you a copy of the THE CRONING by Laird Barron. Somehow I have a feeling this one is right up your alley! Congratulations!


Editor Cassandra said...

Wow! Well done, Madeline!

Sasha A. Palmer said...

What a story! Chilling...

Charley said...

Congrats, Madeline! Nice one. (Hey, I made 2nd cut. Any day I can survive 2 shark bites is a good day!)

Colin Smith said...

Great job, Madeline! A very original, and well-written take on the words. Congratulations--totally deserved. :)

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Congrats, Madeline! The only thing that kept me from LOVING your entry was your choice of names. I couldn't get over the fact that the poor woman who had to make that horrible choice was named Lucy (because my daughter is Lucy, and I couldn't bear the thought of her having to go through this!).

That said, I laughed for two whole minutes over Nate Wilson's entry! When it first posted, I picked that one as my personal winner! :)

Michael Seese said...

I usually add pithy, (allegedly) witty comments. But all I can say is...WOW!

Terri Coop said...

Thank you for my shark bite in the first cut. I wanted to let you know why you were late getting the comments open because there are never enough minutes in the day.

A double YES to Madeline, that tale was brilliant.


ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) said...

What a resounding kind of win, Madeline! Hooray!

Mark Koopmans said...

Well done to Madeline, and thanks Janet for another "out there" contest :)

Bonnee Crawford said...

Hahaha these finalists were awesome! Great job to Madeline for being the winner!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Ditto on the WOWs.
Congrats M !

Meet me at the bar, drinks are on me.
Thanks Janet, for the mention.

Marybk said...

Now that's some nice flash, Madeline. Congratulations.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Wow! I am just blown away by Janet's words about my story and all of your comments. Thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Madeline! And cheers to all the special mentions, as well!

Super stories and fun reads!

Kelly Washington said...

WOW! Excellent fiction, M!


Christine said...

Congratulations to all the finalists! Madeline, that's an amazing story--it gave me chills when I read it!

Lune said...

Loved it! Very Clever (with a capital C no less).

Nate Wilson said...

Congratulations, Madeline, on your excellent story and a well-deserved win. Congrats to all the other finalists as well.

And Laura, thanks for your vote! For me, making someone laugh for two solid minutes is just as good as a win.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Thanks again, everyone, for your wonderful comments about "Delicates." It's been an excellent Monday. :)

Julie Flanders said...

Congratulations to Madeline!! What an amazing story. And congrats to the second cut winners as well, I enjoyed reading all of the stories.

Kate Outhwaite said...

Fantastic. Congratualtions Madeline! So much heartbreak in so few words. Splendid job.

Well done and thanks to all the finalists, fellow "first cutters" (especially Terri - loved yours as usual) and to everyone who entered - I just love reading them.

Finally, thanks to Janet for organising these opportunities to stretch the old creative muscles in bite-size pieces.

Mike said...

I went through all of the TROUBLE
And I wasn't even on the BUBBLE
My story had a TWIN
And a nifty little SPIN
Next time my efforts I'll DOUBLE!

LOL! Congrats to the winner!!

Jayne Martin said...

Inventive, original, intriguing -- and all that other stuff that goes into damn fine writing. I can see how you one. Outstanding!