Thursday, March 01, 2012

Contest now open!

Questions? Here are some answers to questions we've gotten so far.
 (If you have other questions, post them in the comment section of this blog post. We will try to answer as soon as we can.)

15. I screwed up. I sent you the wrong version of my novel. Can I get a do-over?
Yes. We want to see your best work.

14. I actually registered for the Backspace Contest already. Can I still enter?

13. Is it open to categories/genres you don't normally consider?
It's open to all categories and genres.

12. Should the manuscripts not have names on them for blind judging?
NO! Please put your name on on your manuscript and in the running headers.

11. Can Canadians join the fun?
Only if they are American citizens.

10. Will there be a maximum number of submissions?/Will there be a cap on the number of people who can enter?
No (insert sound of contest judges sobbing)

9. I queried someone else within the agency last week and have yet to hear anything (duh). Can I still enter the contest?


8. I'm not American, but I live here/am a legal resident/have a green card. Can I enter?
No. American citizens only.

7. I see it states query letter, so is it safe to assume if you don't like the query you won't bother reviewing the actual manuscript sent along with it? Just curious. I know many (like myself) can bang out 300 pages of pure entertainment, but having to cram the creativity in such a small way screws with ya.

Assume nothing about how the entries are evaluated.

6. Is novella length a disqualifier?
No. Novel-length is 50K and up.

5. Is it only one entry per person?

4. If you've read my manuscript before, are we still allowed to enter?

3. If you currently have something of ours on request, are we still allowed to enter?

2. Wow, what if the winner receives an offer of representation between submitting to the contest and the winner being announced.

If you get an agent while the contest is open, please let us know. The prize is designed to help someone connect with an agent and learn about publishing. If you have an agent, you don't need the prize!

1. I have published a 220-page collection of short stories, and two NON-fiction technical books. Does that exclude me?

No. It does NOT exclude you. You can NOT be published in novel-length form. That's it.


Maja said...

Very curious why it's only American citizens

BassmanCO said...

Are you considering any genres/stories that fall outside of your stated interests (will you take any stories that contain paranormal elements)?

Joyce Tremel said...

Good luck to all who enter!

Janet, I'll pray that your eyeballs don't fall out reading all those entries!

Unknown said...

I actually registered for the Backspace Conference last Wednesday (excited and terrified already). Can I still enter?

lightfootosolage said...

Question 5 says only one entry per person, yet question 10 says there is no maximum number of submissions.

I'm confused. How many manuscripts can one person submit.

The Writer Librarian said...

@lightfootosolage: That would be my bad. I should have asked, "Will there be a cap on the number of people who can participate?" I sent the revised question after this post went live.

Hope this clarifies your question!

Marsha Sigman said...

Uhhh...I think I have some work to do.

Awesome contest!

Anonymous said...

When will the winner be announced?

Krysten Hill said...

I'm an American/Canadian dual citizen with and an American passport and American birth certificate and I was born in America but I currently reside in Canada, will I still be allowed to enter?

I really hope so! I would love to be allowed to enter!

Krysten Hill said...

I guess I should add, if I am allowed to enter, even though I am an American citizen residing in Canada, is there anything I should add to my submission package to state this so I don't get confused with someone who simply didn't read the rules? (I most definitely read the rules!)

Juli Page Morgan said...

Does .doc file include .docx?

Michael Seese said...

Submitted! I wonder if I can keep my fingers crossed until May? And, sincerely, best of luck to everyone else who enters.

Thomas said...

No excuse but submitted wrong iteration of my novel. Can it be deleted and correct version resubmitted? Thanks.

Jamie Wyman said...

Who are these weeping judges? Can/should they be bribed with chocolate, alcohol or some combination thereof? (my husband makes his own liqueurs.)

Anonymous said...

@The Writer Librarian thanks so much for answering ~_~

One more question. A prior post stated that when we submit our work we would get a confirmation email. Is this still the case? I sent my manuscript in and I have been biting my nails trying to decide if I should resend or wait patiently for my confirmation. . . I'm down to nubs!!!

Janet Reid said...

Confirmation emails come when I get the ms,not when you send it. If you haven't gotten a confirmation within 24 hours, email your entry again. If you don't hear within 24 hours TWEET to me @janet_reid.

Kat said...

Slight variation on the "oops, wrong version" question: I submitted my novel with the wrong version of my query letter in the e-mail. Can I resend the whole deal (query letter in e-mail body, novel as attachment)?

Janet Reid said...

See #15

The Writer Librarian said...

Just submitted after hacking my novel to bits. It's a YA sci-fi/fantasy (should have said this in query). Best of luck to everyone who enters!