Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, guys, what do you do when you're not writing?

I have all my clients on Google Alert of course and Google is stupid in the ways only algorithms can be. Which makes for some good fun here.

Sadly, writer of amazing mysteries Bill Cameron is not the same Bill Cameron who is head of the Body Donation program at Oregon Health Sciences University. That would be too perfect!

And I recently discovered that Andrew Grant has an interesting side job!

An after hours club!

These guys have been holding out on me!


Ali Trotta said...

1) I don't think Bill should be snarfing bacon around all those bodies.

2) Andrew might have some explaining to do to Tasha. ;-)

Very fun post! Google Alerts can be hilarious.

steeleweed said...

The problem with computers is that they do what we tell them to do instead of what we want them to do.

Moral: Be careful not only of What you ask for but of How you ask.

Program computers :-)
Fly hang gliders.

Unknown said...

Ha! Fun post. What do I do when I'm not writing? Read. I'm an English literature student, what can I say...

Britni Patterson said...

I go to the gym / care for a baby / practice armored combat.

... No really.

Elissa M said...

Paint. Play clarinet/sax. Ride/take care of my horse. Critique other writers. Housekeeping. (Would love to drop that last off the list.)

Michael Seese said...

I have a doppelganger who is a deadbeat. I first learned about him when a nearby county's child services department sent me a letter concerning my lack of child support payments. My wife said, "Honey, we were older when we met and got married, so it's possible... Is there something from your past you'd like to tell me about?"

I occasionally get calls from his creditors as well. They always ask, "Has he ever lived at this address?" My stock response is, "This is a nice neighborhood. He's a deadbeat. He can't afford to live here."

Marsha Sigman said...

There is actually another Marsha who has a blog with the same name as mine. I think minus the apostrophe though.

It does have a definite religous theme...which might make me some sort of bloggy anti-christ.