Sunday, December 18, 2011

You've been meaning to read THE BREACH, right?

well, it's .99 on Kindle right now!

Don't start it if you have to get up early tomorrow, you will NOT be able to put it down.

You've forgotten what THE BREACH is about?

Here's the starred review (and their pick of the week when it was released in 2009!)  from PW to remind you why you really want to read this:

Lee's debut thriller pits ex-con ex-cop Travis Chase against increasingly dire odds as the action ratchets up like levels in a complex video game. 

Fresh out of prison, Travis sets out on a solo Alaskan trek, wanting nothing more than quiet time for introspection. Then he encounters a downed plane containing the dead bodies of the United States's first lady and several others, plus hints about a mysterious missing item. Armed with superior firepower and the instincts and savvy of a good cop, Travis tracks down the murderers, who are torturing hostage Paige Campbell to get her father, Peter, to reveal another clue. 

Travis manages to rescue Paige just as Peter confesses the information and is killed. His last words send Paige and Travis into a dangerous world of secrets and conspiracies, where they slowly learn about the eponymous Breach and meet progressively more menacing foes. 

It's all here: brilliantly devious enemies; nifty, innovative gadgets and weaponry; hang-on-to-your-hat action; and razor-sharp plot twists aplenty.

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cncbooks said...

There are a multitude of reasons The Breach was #1 on my list of favorite books of 2010 and, oh by the way, Ghost Country (second in the trilogy) was #4 ;-)I can barely stand the wait for Deep Sky on 12/27 but I hate that it will be the last!

Lelia Taylor

Keith Popely said...

Man, I chewed through "The Breach" in two sittings (It would have been one, but I was told rather emphatically to "Shut that damned light off" around 2 a.m.).

For writers, "The Breach" is a master's class in how to hook the reader right away and never let go. I think the thing Patrick Lee really deserves credit for is a physics-defying ability to keep the action (and narrative) flying forward while simultaneously developing character. I loved the backstory. Whereas I usually groan when I see flashback, here it was just as enjoyable as the main narrative - because it was quick; it was its own story with a beginning, middle and end; and perhaps most important, the outcome of the backstory mattered to the main narrative.

Mr. Lee employed one of my favorite narrative devices: he opens with a main character whom we're not sure we like. In fact, we're pretty sure we don't like him. But then, the more we get to know him - through both his actions in the main narrative and what we learn about him in the flashbacks - he grows on us until we're fully rooting for him.

But perhaps the best aspect of "The Breach" is that it's just plain, good old-fashioned fun. It's damned fun. I'm a big Patrick Lee fan. I'd rate him up there with James Rollins, Daniel Silva or even Nelson DeMille. I'll be reading everything he puts out.

jesse said...

It really is a great read. I can't wait for part 3.

Terri Lynn Coop said...

Got it and scored the hilarious "Making Waves" by Tawna Feske.

Unknown said...

I read The Breach about a year ago, I think. It was a special edition that had a chapter or so from the next book at the end of it. I'm pretty sure I reviewed it on Amazon, but since that version is no longer available, I think the review disappeared. Anyway, I really loved it.