Friday, September 16, 2011

Contest open now!

This one is going to be different!

Here's the premise:

Make a poem with your books.

I stole this idea from an extraordinary writer Tahereh Mafi***

You'll need to add a word here and there, but each line of the poem must include the title of a book.

Pictures REQUIRED to enter! (time to learn how to upload jpgs!)

You can use any book or books. They don't have to be titles I've sold or authors I represent (that said, you know I love my Fabulosity Posse!)

They can be library books. They can be kids books, picture books, religious books.

I'll ask you to avoid porn. Amazingly enough, some parents haven't blocked this blog from tender eyeballs.

The contest  opens NOW, Friday, 9/16, 12:01am.  You'll EMAIL me the poem and the jpg. Poem in the body of the email, jpg attached. (janet @ fineprintlit . com) removing the spaces of course.

The contest will CLOSE on Sunday 9/18 at noon (12:00pm)

When I receive your email, I'll let you know. If you have NOT heard from me 24 hours after sending, RESEND.
 NOTE: there are a LOT of entries, more than I imagined. And I'm having a REALLY good time at Bouchercon. So, if you don't hear from me by Tuesday 9/20, resend. I'm behind. (no kidding!)

That means do not email to ask if I got it, just RESEND.

I'm at Bouchercon while you're creating art, so I'll be busy drinking in the bar and it will take a minute to acknowledge all these.

Ready? Set? CREATE!

*** and if you're not reading her blog 
and following her on twitter, 
I won't call you an idiot just yet.  
You have 24 hours.


Gayle Carline said...

Done and done!

Anonymous said...

That was loads of fun!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed that exercise. Great fun. Email sent.

ImageNations said...

I first saw this on the guardian which took me to 'Me and My Big Mouth' and the blogger also said she stole the idea from you. In fact, this is a fantastic idea. I am enjoying it. I will try them with my titles too.