Saturday, July 09, 2011

Thrillerfest final day

Turns out I bought the wrong hangover nostrum.  Found out the hard way when I woke to find myself drenched in blood!  Amazing how fast and furiously a nose can bleed!

Waking up drenched in blood at ThrillerFest is a bit too ironic even for me.  Clearly I needed a cup of joe and a muffin to get myself back on track.   Thinking I'd save money and not order room service, I headed downstairs.  By the time I slunk back to my room, I was feeling rather subdued.

Fortunately croissants and coffee do solve all problems and I was soon ready to attack the day.  I slithered down to the bar, yes the bar! at noon! to see who'd swim by.

And this is one of the many many benefits of going to a conference.  As I sat in the bar reading I reconnected with a pal from other conferences, an editor I'd seen just casually before and a couple other people who had some interesting things to talk about.  It was three hours of allowing serendipity to work its magic.

By the end of the day though I'd still not connected with one of the editors I'd hoped to meet. He's from out of town and this weekend was an ideal time for connecting over more than a phone line.

But, no luck. So I flagged a cab, settled in and headed back to the office.  At 35th and Madison my phone chirruped the theme from Jaws.


Yes, it was the editor I'd been stalking!
He had time to meet.
Yay! When?

Cab driver, stop! Break right! What do you mean it's a one way street? Right! Right!
Levitate if you must!

A quick vault over oncoming traffic and we were on Park Ave heading north.  A quick zip up the overpass and there I was, back at the Hyatt. My seven dollar cab ride to the second floor!

I threw myself out of the cab, clutching my luggage and messenger bag, heading straight home to the bar.

And yes, we had a lovely meeting.

If you're a writer and you're looking to make connections, there's a whole lot to be said for a conference.  I met with several writers outside the pitch fest, just very casually, and I read two manuscripts over night for writers I'm interested in. That doesn't happen often, but it does happen. The ONLY way it happens is if you're there, ready to take advantage of an opportunity.


Sarah W said...

Good mercy.

I'm glad the rest of the day went better!

(I had to giggle at the poetic use of "nostrum" -- for a moment, I wondered if you'd applied the cure nasally. Um . . . you didn't, did you?)

Joelle said...

Before I had an agent, I carried my book on CD when I traveled (before memory sticks!). I always carried my husband's music CDs with me too whenever I flew in case I sat next to some big rockstar (who got stuck in coach!) who wanted to record one of his songs and let us retire. Haha!

Lauren said...

Nothing like a successful traffic bypass.

I love attending conferences. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't share my passion.

I'm glad your day got progressively better.

LupLun said...

Drenched?! Are you serious?! O_O Yikes, be careful! Attila the Hun died that way...

Lupines and Lunatics

Angie said...

Wow, if the shark is ready to bite what a great opportunity to have the first chapter stuffing my bra.

I hope your nose is better and the encounter with the editor went well.

Jessica Bell said...

I wish there were opportunities like this in Europe! :(

80s Queen said...

I'm going to a conference in October and this makes me super excited about it. I will have my manuscript in hand and smile on my face. Should I wear pajamas?

Michael G-G said...

It would be worth going to a conference to see you turning blue at the YA panel, riding the elevator in your jammies, and knifing through the lobby, fin resplendent, to take your rightful seat next to stalked editor at the bar.

Joyce said...

Despite the nosebleed, I'm glad you had a great time.

I love conferences. I just wish I had the cash to go to more than one a year.

Ricky Bush said...

I'm a veteran nose bleeder, so I feel your pain. Try dill pickle juice for the morning after.

parkermarti said...

Sure was a full morning/afternoon for you wasn't it?! But, what does one do when one can't attend these connecting conferences? I just can't make any, being bedridden!! But, my stories are still worth having someone read or even listen to, at least maybe a page or two.
Hoo-ray for conferences, they're great for "walking" writers, but us stay-at-homes need a venue to promote our goods too!! Hope the writing world works on that one. Oh, by the way, did I mention I write children stories, YA-Fiction, and a couple of general life-teaching types from memories of "MY" Father!

June said...

An ancient hangover nostrum that actually works well (if you can stomach it) is to drink pickle juice. Sounds crazy I know, but between the sugar and the brine, it works.