Saturday, June 25, 2011

Contest winners!

As usual, it took forever to post the contest results because it was so hard to decide! Thanks to everyone who entered. It's really fun to see what you come up with.

Here are the results

What connected the prompt words:
Jacqui L. Landry 7:21pm (you missed that Claire Dewitt was compared to The Intuitionist)

Brandon 10:43pm got it totally right! 

Terri Coop 9:53pm got it more than right (I loved the "pretty dope" list reference!)

Special recognition for outstanding achievement in word usage:

Matthew 4:32 am for "Poppa Rotsy"

Briandbuckley 8:19am for "And a silette is?" "A female silo"

Kregger 9:15am for "ornithomoron"

Amazing use of the word prompts
Becca 8:36pm
Cherylangst 10:11pm

These entries made the first round of finalists:
J.P. Kurzitz 8:07pm
http://mr-jordan(etc) 10:43pm
Rocket 9:43am

Steven 9:43am
David 2:52pm

Richardh 3:30pm
Joel Q Aaron 3:57pm

These entries made the second round of finalists:
Modwitch 9:39pm
Justwritecat 1:05am
Amychrispark 2:28am
Kelly S 6:03pm

These entries made the third round of finalists:
The Daring Novelist 8:15pm
Cherylangst 10:11pm
Thepopeofbeers 3:16am
Kregger 9:15am

The next three are the final choices:

ClothDragon 9:41pm

“What are you willing to do for it?” She balanced the bottle at the tip of her fingers as if it meant nothing. My mind went blank as it wobbled.

“Do? For it?” Christ, what was I? A parrot?

A dope, I reached to catch the water not noticing the Silette until both hands slid behind her back.

“Not an intuitionist then.” Her eyes could have cut glass.

Then it was gone; she was gone. The door sounded final. I scrambled, stopped by the chain on my ankle.

Anything. I’d do anything. But the words caught, dry, in my throat.

Shaunna 12:59pm

When (experimental) linguist Henry married (recovering) intuitionist Virginia, people wondered. And rightly so, for despite their intelligence, they never quite assumed the gravity of their parental charge.

Their first child swallowed language as all toddlers do--more a parrot than a proficient, but a willing pupil all the same. He entered the wider world, however, to discover the legacy he had inherited.

This Silette snapshot, taken his first day of kindergarten, captures the essence of his profoundly confused discovery that Henry and Virginia, out of caprice or simply too much dope, had only taught him to speak pig Latin.

Sarah 4:30pm

Walking in, the first thing I see is the camera on the pawnshop counter.

“Is that a vintage Agfa Silette?!” I cry.

“Vintage?” parrots the bargain hunter. I ignore him - a weekend dabbler who thinks intuition is the only tool needed to find that magic sale.

“Frankie,” I say to the clerk, “If you’re willing I can give you seventeen bucks today, another fifty tomorrow.”

“Forget it!” says Dabbler. “I’ll give you sixty now!”

Frankie sighs at me but takes Dabbler’s cash. The poor dope swans out the door.

“You are evil,” Frankie says. I grin and slip back behind the counter.

I had to read each of those final entries three times again to decide. It was HARD!

The winner of the contest, and an autographed copy of CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD by Sara Gran is Sarah 4:30pm.

Sarah, if you'll email me your mailing address we'll get the book in the mail to you!



Terri Coop said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out.

Behold the power of Google-fu. This is the first time I've been able to pick up the thread in the Sharkly One's connect-the-dot puzzles and it was a lot of fun. I just kept adding search terms to the string and following it wherever it led. I look forward to reading both COTD and The Intuitonist.

Total Congrats to winner Sarah and the other finalists. Those three were some of my favs.

I hope these contests will be a tradition again this summer. They are both a blast and a great source of inspiration.

Terri Coop

Cheryl Angst said...

This was a great contest! I love the challenge of telling a story in so few words.

I'm thrilled to have made the third round of finalists!


thepopeofbeers said...

Thanks for hosting this contest. Shame I didn't win (I do like to win, although, perhaps not as much as Charlie Sheen), but my honest congratulations to ClothDragon, Shaunna, and Sarah!


Kelly S said...

Wow! I made it to the 2nd round! This was my first time entering. Can't wait for more contests.

Kelly S

jesse said...

Kudos all around.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Congratulations to everyone! Some good writing. Thanks Janet.

Amy Parker said...

This was so much fun! Finding out that I made the second round of finalists made my day. Can't wait to enter the next one...which I see is already up:)

Kate Outhwaite said...

Once again, an impressive field of entries makes it hard to know whether the writing of your own entry or the reading of everyone else's is the most fun! Congratulations to all those who made the cuts and to those who didn't! Thanks for the great reads!

Many thanks, as always, to Janet for running the contest. Love the challenge! On to the next!

J.P. Kurzitza said...

It was fun. But a bone I must pick with you.

Maybe I'm being a sore loser for only making the first cut of finalists, but COME ON. The winner wins despite not using every word correctly as you requested?

Intuition?? I guess I needed to be an intuitionist before entering so I would have known that you'd slack a bit on the rules...

kregger said...

Thank you Ms. Reid,

I always look forward to these contests. They are a neat way to expand and rev up my creative writing juices.

Sarah said...

Yay! Thank you so much - this made my day! I'm sending you my info now - can't wait to read CLAIRE DEWITT!

Sarah (from 4:30)

Terri Coop said...


I thought the same thing until I double read and then triple read.

"a weekend dabbler who thinks INTUITION IS The only tool . . . "

Foiled again by Her Finnyest.


Angie said...

Congratulations to all that caught Janet's attention. It was fun to read all the entries and learn.

J.P. Kurzitza said...

@ Terri Coop

Ouch! I just got punked... I'll shut up now.