Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Marfa Texas might be crowbar worthy!

Yea, verily it looks like they are quite welcoming to the Sharkly set!


Britni Patterson said...

There's also the Marfa Lights. :> My dad actually grew up in Marfa, Texas.

Josin L. McQuein said...

BPatterson beat me to it. The Marfa Lights are one of the few "real" odd occurrences out there, and knowing what causes them doesn't make them any less cool. :-)

Christwriter said...

Marfa is cool. I think my family once bounced around the idea of camping in Big Bend National Park and Marfa was one of the places to visit.

Never went, of course. :( Still need to go.

Worst part is, even if Marfa did have a conference and the divine Madam Shark were to attend, it'd still take, like, two days to drive there. (Planes are for wussies. Or people who have money. Your pick.)

Haste yee back ;-) said...

Since you have a TX Food Shark Cantina pic... ask Stephany if she's every eaten Wild Hog.

Wife and I lived in Katy TX,(Old Katy), for two years. I hankered big to vist Marfa... A) See the lights. B)An Outfitter advertises Wild Hog hunts; Git-yer-pig, .65 cents a pound!

Course, now, them hogs is up here in Arkansas, tearin' up terra firma. Man can't hardly run his horses for fear of 'em steppin' in hog ruts and snappin' their legs!

Just wonderin.'

Haste yee back ;-)