Sunday, May 29, 2011

BEA 2011 Day Four or How a Map and A Sawbuck Saved Me From a Life of Crime

Book Expo America draws all sorts of people to its shores.  One of the things I most enjoy is swimming around the non-book exhibits.  Yes, it's true, I love the gadget displays of store furniture; stationery; calendars; and maps.  And this year, I about fell over myself with joy upon discovering the Moleskine exhibit.

If you have not discovered the pleasure of Moleskine, stop reading this blog post right now and go here.

I've pawed through the Moleskin offerings for years, just cause I love the feel of them. I've never been able to bring myself to spend the money on a notebook though.  (I buy my notepads from Staples for a buck a piece...and that's after three years of trying every different notepad on the market!)

This year at BEA though, my sharkly eye was instantly drawn to something new in the Moleskin offerings: briefcases and messenger bags.  I have a lovely bag I bought a couple years ago, but it weighs a ton even empty.  I've been on the hunt for something more lightweight.

And here it was.  I picked it up. I stroked it.  An eagle eyed booth attendant was on me instantly with a glint in her eye that meant "put down the bag; back away from the display."

I enthused.
I extolled.

I drooled.
I fawned.

And I think I might have offered to steal it.

Well, that brought out the head honcho who briskly frog marched kindly escorted me to the other end of the exhibit and brought out a clever map showing where Moleskine products can be purchased in NYC.

I snatched the map from her hand so fast she got a paper cut.

I might have hollered "thank you!" but it was over my shoulder at full speed gallop.

Yes, I flagged a cab and waved a twenty at the driver. "Hurry!" I screamed, "the store closes in five minutes."

Say what you will about NYC cabbies, they know how to leapfrog over double-parked cars, and carom around belching buses, and dawdling pedestrians.

My cabbie deposited me in a shower of flame and crack of the sound barrier in 93 seconds flat.  I threw him the twenty and another ten for the fare.  At last glimpse he was in conversation with New York's Finest, a conversation I did not pause to join.

I leaped into the store, spent several moments oohing and ahhing over all the choices, then grabbed the messenger bag.  I think it might weigh ten ounces total. It's sleek, like a seal. It was all I could do not to eat it.

So I bought it.

An added bonus was the gorgeous bag enclosing my new gorgeous bag:

I hope the Moleskin exhibitors at BEA read this. I'd hate to have them think I wasn't serious when I said if I couldn't buy it soon I'd have to steal it. 

Saved from a life of crime!


Josin L. McQuein said...

Heh. I very nearly squeed in the middle of Target when I realized they'd replaced half their "journal" isle with a Moleskine display in all colors and sizes.

(btw - Staples sells a knock-off hardback version for $8 if you don't mind purple.)

Janet Reid said...

I am not allowed anything purple.
That color is reserved exclusively to
The Suzenator, slayer of slush, champion of auctions, and fierce agent extraordinaire. You might know her! :))

Joelle said...

I bet it took a lot of moles to make that bag.

Yep. I'm rummy from too much sun and reading.

Actually, what I was going to say is that I took a workshop from the writer Ivan Coyote (you have read her novel BOW GRIP right? RIGHT? Lie to me if you haven't) and she spent five minutes telling us that if we were real writers then we had to have enough self-worth to shell out the money for the really good tools...i.e. moleskin notebooks.

My self-worth is higher than my paycheque so far.

Josin L. McQuein said...


*looks around room at purple rugs (not that I can claim ownership of those since the doglets staked them as territory), purple "office stuff", purple curtains*

I may have to hide a few things from Suzie...

Ali said...

God bless you! I've been looking for a classy, LIGHTWEIGHT bag for ages! Thanks for the recommendation!

Pamala Knight said...

OMG that is one gorgeous bag!! On first glance I want to rub my cheek against it and then lick my paw, er hand. Good job landing such a lush, beautiful and functioning item.

Thanks for sharing.

Steve Stubbs said...

Janet: "An eagle eyed booth attendant was on me instantly with a glint in her eye that meant 'put down the bag; back away from the display.'"

Thank God New York is still New York

Janet: "My cabbie deposited me in a shower of flame and crack of the sound barrier in 93 seconds flat."

Cancel that first remark. If the cabbies speak English now, New York is NOT the New York I briefly and gloriously returned to a few years ago. Back then the fun of riding a cab was wondering what strange place you were likely to end up in, since the cab driver had no idea what you said your destination was. He had no idea if you told him in English, that is.

Michael Moore did a documentary a few years ago in which he proved to the astonishment of all viewers, especially New Yorkers (current and erstwhile) that cab drivers in Bulgaria DO speak English. Who knew?

If I'd had any food in my mouth when I saw that I would have choked. Thank God I was fasting for Lent.

Pepper Smith said...

Moleskine notebooks are...okay. I've got some. But I actually prefer Clairfontaine for writing. There's something about Moleskine that just doesn't invite me to write in it.

However, that bag looks great.

Marissa Doyle said...

It's sleek, like a seal. It was all I could do not to eat it.

That line made my day.