Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ok, you don't have to get off my lawn quite yet

Sometimes it's easy to forget how much this all means to writers at the start of their careers.  It's easy to get caught up in "how can they not know this, it's all over the damn internet" and "agents are just people, why are they swooning."

It's easy to forget until you read blog posts like this.

Thanks Susan. If I ever get to EaglePoint, I'll buy you a sandwich AND give those deli ladies something to talk about.


Heidi Willis said...

What a great post that was!

It's funny who we swoon over. I'm a published author, but when I showed up at grad school and saw a room full of writers I'd been reading and reading about, I about had a heart attack. I told one of them at lunch it was hard not to race up to them and ask for their autograph. They felt like celebrities to me.

Of course, he laughed and told me they'd have no idea how to deal with that if I did it, so I waited for the book signings. :)

ryan field said...

She chose a great topic with social networks. I'm trying to learn right now and it's interesting but very exact.

Laura Campbell said...

Meredith's post was great to read. I'm highly excitable and take nothing for granted. So, when something I've worked for finally happens, I get wicked excited and dance around and possible swoon. I hope to maintain my jovial spirit and thwart any attempts from the harsh reality of publishing to kill it.

Josin L. McQuein said...

I'm waiting for someone to leave a post here saying "Here's a funny line for you, now how do I sign up for one of those phone calls?" thinking that the Skype convo is an on-going thing.


Doug said...

Makes me want to switch genres so I can query FPL.


sprunty said...

Thank you, Janet. You ladies have been so great. I can't thank you enough...especially Meredith.

My husband said he would even part with one of those coupons...just for you.