Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love this so much I might need to sing along

Lyrics (because I know you want to sing along):

My name is Mango & I'm a precious pussy cat
One day I'll have 2 mommies and there's nothing wrong with that.

Until that day comes, I'll share my house
With my mom's crazy sister who reps dirty books about,

King Henry & his wives, but they're teen vampires in disguise

And I will purr and I'll support though her tiny T-Rex arms are short

She still feeds me all my noms,
So I can't have any qualms about her day job,
And I really miss Rob.

My name is Mango.

And of course, I found this here at the OrtweeeeeeeeeeeeeeZe blog I love alot.


Margaret Yang said...

Bwa ha ha! Awesome. The Ukulele really makes it.

Laura Campbell said...

A great voice. I can't believe she made the song in 10 minutes. Thanks for the post!

Deirdre Randall said...

best eva!

Tom M Franklin said...

actually, that quite rocks.

amy said...

How cute! I gave up following twitter, but I miss reading Kortizzle Mango posts. I think it is fellow cat-person empathy.