Sunday, January 23, 2011

You're welcome

If Brenda Bowen's blog isn't on your must-read list yet, all I can say is you're missing one of best blogs out there.  Every single post is something I wish I'd said, or worse, something I had said but nowhere near as well.

Read her.


David said...

You're right. Rarely does a blogger write and think with regular profundity. It is the kind of writing that stirs and readies me to write.

But I still love a good slack-jawed, toothy, pithism.

You go, Shark.

Joelle said...

As usual, you're right. I loved the bit about her buying books for her shelves in case the authors checked them for their books. Very sweet. And funny.

ryan field said...

It's a good blog. I've been looking for something new that's smart and doesn't BS the troops.

Shauna said...

Wow. You were right. I just read read through a year and 1/2 of posts. I couldn't stop going.

I loved the post f the writer going from shock to eloquence. I had never read Faulkner's acceptance speech before. I have just written chunks of it with sharpie on my notebooks back cover.

The idea of the tea parties made me giggle. It also makes we want to get even more books by Margaret Wise Brown.

Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely be going back for more.

Brenda Bowen said...

Thank you so much, Janet, for the shout-out. You're a very generous blogger. And I love -- and aspire to -- your merit badge.