Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Sox Knockers

MATTERHORN by Karl Marlantes.

I bought it because I read a review on Shelf Awareness that I blogged about. It took me a while to find 20 hours to read all 550+ pages, but it was worth it.

YOU by Charles Benoit.

I read this twice. Once when the editor slipped me a VERY early copy under penalty of death if I told anyone. The second time was right after the first time cause I couldn't believe what I'd just read. Then I had to restrain myself from breaking in to the editor's apartment and forcing her to discuss the book with me at 2am. I've advised people to steal this book if they have to and offered personal refunds to people if they buy it on my recommendation and don't like it.

I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE by Laura Lippman.

Every book Laura Lippman writes should be on your list to read. This is her latest stand alone. I first blogged about it back in September.


I read this at Bouchercon. I gave up time in the bar to read this.  I didn't mention that in the blog post I wrote about it cause I couldn't quite believe it myself.


This gets a special mention cause it wasn't published this year but I just read it and loved it.  I'm pretty sure it's an almost perfect novel. If you're a writer, read this. If you like a good novel, read this.


Joelle said...

I will check out them all because as you know, I always trust and love the books you tell me about! After all, four of your recommendations are on my list of suggestions for people to read too.

Tom M Franklin said...

so close, and yet so far. (i'm another Tom Franklin:

YOU was pretty amazing. i resisted the urge to reread it immediately after finishing it, mostly through not wanting to spend any more literary time in the company of a sociopath.

-- (Another) Tom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm incredibly excited because I haven't read any of them (yet), though YOU has been on my to-read-list for awhile. I might have to bump it to the top. ;-)

Sarah W said...

I absolutely agree with I'd Know You Anywhere.

I picked it up in the bookstore because I remembered you'd mentioned it, and read the first few pages.

Four chapters later I carried it over to the checkout. I know when I'm beat!

Ms. Lippman doesn't make a single misstep with any of her characters. The ending scene---the two ending scenes, I suppose---were perfect.

Joelle said...

Hmmm...put Prince of Thieves on hold at the library on audio and now it's here and I see it's abridged. Dilemma...listen to it on audio abridged because I probably won't have time to read it, or make time to read it. ????

Janet Reid said...

Read it. Trust me. The beauty of this book is the depth. Abridged? I don't THINK so.