Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pitching/talking to/meeting me at CrimeBake?

Bring your pages!

I'm one of the agents that likes to see pages**. If your pitch sounds good  let's get to the next step without dillydallying around.

Often, very simple, very fixable problems are obvious in the first ten pages.  Take advantage of your time with the shark to get gnawed.

Be ready!

**actual printed pages. No USB thumb drives, no discs, nothing but actual paper.


A3Writer said...

This isn't a complaint since you looked at my full MS later, but I brought pages and you never asked for them.

It's probably for the best as back then I had the dreaded dream sequence, which is now gone, thanks for the advice.

I'd like to add a tip, if I may. Be prepared to chuck the prepared pitch out the window. We got to talking first, and then Janet asked me what she wanted to know about the book. I just answered the questions.

Also, having an interesting caption on your nametag helps (Writer masquerading as college teacher).

Good fortune to all those pitching to the Shark!

Unknown said...

Duly and gratefully noted! Thanks for the reminder!

Patrick Alan said...

Will there be hugging?

LQQinSpace said...

I never travel without my pages,

two squires, and a serving maid:-)


Janet Reid said...

A3, I don't ask for pages all the time but my point is Be Ready if I do.


Joyce Tremel said...

Have a great time at Crime Bake!

Fellow Working Stiffs Paula and Ramona will be there, although I'm not sure if Paula will be dressed as VQS. said...

I love an agent who asks for pages! Makes me feel like a journalist again, when editors would ask for your clips on the spot.

I'll be sure to have them on hand. Guess I'll need to find which conferences/events you'll be attending and try to go pitch you :)