Monday, August 02, 2010

Looking for a good writing conference?

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers have a consistently excellent conference. I've been a visiting agent twice and each time I've been very impressed with the group.

Conferences are good for a lot of things you simply can not get any place else: face time with agents (either formally in pitch sessions and workshops or informally in the bar); hands on workshops with editors and published writers; a chance to meet your writerly ilk and trade horror stories of sharkly agents.

The RMFW 2010 conference is September 10-12 in Denver.

✔Good deed for the day!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to go there this year--it'll be my first conference, budget willing. =) Good to know the Shark recommends it. lol ;)

Joyce Tremel said...

I highly recommend the face time in the bar. Especially with the sharkly one.