Saturday, June 12, 2010


Gene Anbaum is half the fantastic team of UNSHELVED . I'm a devoted fan of the site, and the daily email that makes me laugh without fail.

Gene also does book mentions for books he's liked. I like them cause they're short, personal, and always make me want to read the book too.

I was delighted to see Gene talk about A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD by Jennifer Egan. I first heard about this book during Jennifer's amazing presentation at BEA this year.

Here's what Gene has to say:

Bennie Salazar is a former punk rocker and now successful record producer. Sasha is his assistant. This book explores their lives and those of people whom they are connected with. Each chapter is written with a different voice and point of view, from Bennie’s band in the early days to a publicist friend of Sasha's who gets embroiled with a third-world dictator.

Why I picked it up: I was in the mood for a trashy rock 'n roll novel.

Why I finished it: I couldn't have been more mistaken about this book. It is a major work of fiction. The various character's lives form a complex web with unexpected and surprising connections, and as the book progressed from the past into the future my eyes got wider and wider. Chapter 12, "Great Rock and Roll Pauses", will start you off doubting, and then rock your world.

I'd give it to: My sister Becky. I am convinced she's got a book like this in her. No pressure.


Kathryn Rose said...

Very cool! Sounds like an interesting read!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What? You're writing about rockers that aren't mine?

You wound me, woman. Or you would if you could, but I'm busy chasing down a copy of this for myself.

Maddy said...

Just heard this reviewed on Woman's hour so now it's definitely part of my summer reading program whether it wins or not.