Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeff Somers finds himself in good company

The good folks at Melville House are sponsoring a very entertaining award for book trailers. Naturally I was very pleased they recognized the genius that is Jeff Somers. Also, others, less genius, but quite entertaining.

A Common Pornography by Kevin Sampsell

The Electric Church in One Minute by Jeff Somers

Extraordinary Renditions by Andrew Ervin

I Am in the Air Right Now
by Kathryn Regina

I Lego New York by Chistoph Niemann


John said...

Jeff's was definitely the best. Reminds me of a cross between Zero Punctuation (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation) and 30-second Bunnies movies (http://www.angryalien.com/).

Bill Cameron said...

Kevin Sampsell edited Portland Noir, so I've had the privilege of working with him. Great guy, and a great writer. Though, of course, Jeff should win because I fear what he'll do to me if I say otherwise.

Deb Vlock said...

I'm sold! Fantastic trailer.

Joseph L. Selby said...

I'm hearing about book trailers more and more frequently, but only from people who make book trailers and aspiring writers who follow their blogs that hope to have book trailers of their own some day.

I wonder if this is a self-contained phenomenon. Do they actually influence the buying public?

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks for some mighty fun trailer viewing. Jeff's was hilarious but right now, my brain is stuck sorting through all the "ography" words I can recall.

Josin L. McQuein said...


Those minute recaps are great!

Elisabeth Black said...

I love Jeff's trailer.

Margaret Yang said...

A book trailer is truly an art form in itself. We've come far from the powerpoint-and-soft-music variety so common a few years ago.

Terri said...

OMG - Jeff'a rocks! I am off to his website.

Janet, I was surfing instead of working and thought of you immediately when I saw this (I hope it works!):