Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Steal this if you have to

Normally I don't advise stealing books.

Normally I don't post covers of Advanced Reader Copies and say
"You must read this book, and I don't care how you get a copy; steal it if you have to."

Normally I don't read books twice in a single day.

Normally I don't call up the editor and yodel the title into the phone.

Normal doesn't apply.
Not here.
Not to YOU.

This book makes all those rules seem stupid and pointless.

This book will break your heart and insist you break the heart of every one you know when you make them read it too.

There are five books that changed my life. I remember where I was, and what I was doing when I started reading each of them. YOU by Charles Benoit is the most recent addition to that list.

Steal this if you have to. You'll buy a copy, more than one, when you can.


Rebecca Knight said...

WOW. Strong words!

This is officially on my Amazon Wish List. I know The Shark does not wax eloquent about books that are not fabulous ;).

Susan Adrian said...

I guess I'll have to come steal YOUR copy!

Furious D said...

I don't really sense much passion, please tell me how you really feel about this book.


Andrew said...

That's a hefty recommendation.

(What are the other four?)

Christi Goddard said...

Now, see, this is monumentally unfair. About the only way we could steal it is if we had an agent to take it from. So, while Patrick Lee or Bill Cameron might be able to pinch one from you, the rest of us have to suffer until August since most of us are agentless (though not for lack of trying). Shame on you, Ms Reid, for flaunting such an unobtainable prize in front of us.

Janet Reid said...

Agents are about the LAST people who have ARCs. You'll want to stalk bookstore owners, and buyers. Also YA book bloggers. In fact you might but the author on google alert so you can watch for contests giving it away.

I'd do a contest, but sadly, my copy was ..that's right...stolen.

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

Oooo, now my interest is piqued (and this isn't even my genre!). Going on my TBR list too.

Margaret Yang said...

Janet, Janet, Janet. Why do you DO this to us? It's truly cruel. This book comes out in late August.


Sure, sure, you got an ARC, but ordinary readers have to wait six whole months for this book that's going to change our lives.

:::grumble, grumble, August, grumble, grumble::::


Okie dokie smokey!...I just offered it to my "Slow Readers" on-line book club!

Casey Something said...

That's one awesome recommendation. I'll be on the lurk for a copy to possess.

Peter Sursi said...

Thanks for the advice. I will begin stalking my local bookseller now.

Just for context, what are the other four books that changed your life?

Josin L. McQuein said...

Hmm... I have a friend who's always trying to clean out her ARC backlog (does online book reviews). I wonder if she has a copy.

On a side note: after reading your post, I wonder if you saw Nathan Bransford's blog post about repetition today. :-P

??? said...

Wow, that's the most glowing endorsement I've heard for a book in the history of forever! You've convinced me... it's on my Amazon wishlist right now. Curse you for getting me pumped and then making me wait five months.


Wow. Can't say I've ever read a more compelling entreaty to read a book. This just moved to the top of my TBR pile. Thanks for the suggestion!


Tara Parker said...

This is the first time I've ever ordered (pre-ordered) a book without having a clue what it's about.

This author should buy you a drink (or several) for giving such a passionate endorsement!

lotusgirl said...

How can I even find one to steal?

Rachelle said...

I probably don't have to steal one, 'cause you're gonna send me a copy, right? Right?

Travener said...

I've often wondered how many people stole Abbie Hoffman's book Steal This Book.

Rachael Allen said...

I think I'm going to die a little inside
each day
from now until August.
I'm that curious.

How about you tell us the other four (I'm assuming they're already out) to help tide me over till then?

jmartinlibrary said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh. I'll look for the ARC at TLA in April. Maybe I'll get lucky and snag one.

Haste yee back ;-) said...

I'd like to read the Author's query letter first!

Haste yee back ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to shattering in August, I have lived in one piece for far too long.

Mark Phialas said...

I'm going to steal it, but I'm taking Reacher with me.

After coffee, of course.

Anita said...

Excuse me, Ms. Reid. I have four kids, a husband and a cat who need feeding. Please stop recommending great books. I just spent a day with BEFORE I FALL, thanks to you, and the family is complaining about the lack of food (especially the cat).

Anonymous said...

Could you give us some ideas of what it is, or of other authors writing in a similar vein?

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful review.

makes one want to grab the phone and shout: I Want This Book

Anonymous said...

Stalk bookstore owners, check.
Troll internet for book giveaways, check.
Steal your copy - crud, someone beat me to it.

Paula Stokes said...

I've got my editor (I'm a web reviewer) groveling to HarperTeen as I type this. If I manage to score a copy I'll post back here so I can pass it on to somebody else.