Monday, February 15, 2010

Honest to Godiva, I think you DON'T want to hear from me

Come to think of it, maybe you don't.
You certainly give every indication of being uninterested.
There's no email listed on your blog, or your website.

In other words, if I need to reach you to tell you (just for example) that the HILARIOUS link you put in your recent comment had to be rejected because it was faulty, I have NO WAY TO REACH YOU!

I've ranted about this before.

It doesn't do you any good to be bright, insouciant and hilarious and wonderful IF I can't reach out to you on both matters mundane (a deleted comment) and otherwise.

You're not just here for fun and games.
You're here to develop and advance your writing career.
Act like it.


Josin L. McQuein said...

I'm going to be paranoid and assume you mean me because I left a hilarious-type link thingie in a comment and it's nowhere to be seen. Just in case, here's the attempted link thingie again... and I put my e-mail in pretty red letters on my blog.


Margaret Yang said...

(Double-checks website). Yup, there it is, on every single page of my website, not just on the "contact" page. Okay, maybe it doesn't need to be on each and every page....but why not?

Janet Reid said...

Margaret, I want a flying car too--as long as it's not a subway car!

Christi Goddard said...

*frantically checks*


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Janet, If you need to discuss your disappointment in your followers, you can contact me at (redacted).

Just in case you happen to find that I am so popular my inbox is full and you cannot get through, please feel to call me at (redacted).

Also, an alternate email is (redacted) and my blog is (redacted).

Last but not least you can definitely snail me at (redacted).

If none of that works, Don't worry, I stalk you and we can come up with a signal or something signifying you need me and I will be there right away.

hmmm... maybe the bird? no, wait that is too commonly used. Well, think on it and email me at (redacted).

Talk to you soon!

Travener said...

Thank you for using the word "uninterested." It drives me crazy when folks use "disinterested" when they mean not interested -- as the Seattle Times did just the other day. On their front page. In the top-of-the-fold story. Thanks for striking a blow for the disinterested-means-unbiased-everyone brigades!

Fanfreakingtastic Flower said...

For the record, I DO want to hear from you.

Fanfreakingtastic Flower said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I write that short, smart alecky little post, "I DO want to hear from you," and it's from my gmail account, NOT my Wordpress blog ID,

There are some days, and they are not for you. They are against you.

mallard said...

The super mean cat face is making me wonder if I do want you to contact me. I like my face where it is; on the front of my head. Fortunately or unfortunately this wasn't about me because I don't have any hilarious links. Or a blog. Or a website. I do have an email address. But I don't have a phone! How's that for something deserving of feline ire!

Lola Sharp said...

All I have to say is that is one scary damn cat!!! *shudder*
I'm going to have nightmares.

MAGolla said...

I don't think it was me, actually, I highly doubt it, but I did change my blog to allow an email to be sent.
I never thought about it, since most of the people who read it already know my email!

Haste yee back ;-) said...

You are speakin' to just your clients, right?

Otherwise, why, with whatever neurons you're firing on, would you want to talk to Haste yee back ;-)? What? You've decided you wanna go Bow Fishing?

(Although, I did do as you suggested - went out and got me a email addy so I'd look oh so, so...professional)!

It is better than... Yup?

Haste yee back ;-)

AimeeLSalter said...

See you all just haven't figure out the essential marketing tool "Make them think you're elite".

You think I'm joking?

If people don't feel like you're unattainable, they don't value contact with you. They'll stop following your blog faster than The Shark can snap up high fantasy hoo-doo in a query.

Of course, there's always the fact that being unattainable makes you...well...un-attained. Isolated. Lonely. Unsuccessful........

Okay. Nevermind.

Josin L. McQuein said...

:-( I can't make link thingies work today.

Shelly said...

That cat is killing me.

I must be having a really boring day because I sat hear for at least 30 seconds laughing hysterically when I saw it and I am not a big fan of felines.

Thanks for the reminder to be reachable.

Ricky Bush said...

Hey--I'm interested. You never know. Maybe in a weak moment, you just may change your mind about rejecting my query last year--well, just in case, I'll stay interested. May not interesting, but certainly interested.

See ya--
Ricky B

Shelly said...

S*@#. I wrote hear instead of here.


Kelsey (Dominique) Ridge said...

**hides under desk**
I will do what the cat says, because, quite frankly, the cat pic scares me.

Sandra Cormier said...

You already know where I am, buddy old pal old buddy. Just a train ride away! A looooong one.

Q said...

thats one scary looking kitty

J E Cousineau said...

"Yes ma'am!" he shouted as he tried not to cower in fear of the fierce feline.