Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alaska Writing Guild wooing tactics!

Remember my New Year's resolution about heading back up the Alaska Writing Guild conference in September? I mentioned there was some sucking up to the conference organizer going on.

Now they've brought out the big guns: cuteness.

Yes, that is a baby moose.**
A pettable baby moose.

And it turns out that Baby Moose knows where to find the good stuff!

** for those of you wondering why Baby Moose is without Mama Moose:

"The baby moose was in distress in a creek.
A man got him out of the creek,
tried to find the mother and send him on his way,
but the moose stumbled back into the creek
and had to be rescued again.
Baby Moose followed the man home.

The man has only a small cabin
so he took the moose to another neighbor,
who took these photos.
The next day Baby Moose went to a place
for rescued wild life, where he is penning his memoirs,
and registering for the Alaska Writers Guild workshop"


Jen said...

How cute is that!!!! Moose are so tall and so neat looking! I love the baby!

Emma Michaels said...


Loretta Ross said...


Lola Sharp said...

Oh for the love of Bullwinkle, how can you possibly resist??

Indeed, cuteness.
Cold be damned, the baby moose needs petting.

Thanks for sharing,

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

What simply delicious photos. Don't think I've ever seen anything so adorable :)

What a treat and great honor to have a baby Moose in your kitchen - of all things!

Rachel Stark said...

Oh my Locke. A baby moose. Can we keep it, please?!

Rachel said...

AH! (give him to me)

Ronda Laveen said...

A pettable baby moose? Oh, tell me you are going? That is the perk of a lifetime.

Dreamstate said...

You are seriously undermining your reputation as a badass by posting these photos.

As I am not a badass, I can say "Awwww...."

coffeelvnmom said...

That baby moose is so adorable!

Sarah Allen said...

Adorable!!! I love it, makes me want to move out there.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Sarah Laurenson said...

OMG. How cute!!!

I've never seen a baby moose before.

Jennifer said...

That moose is so cute!

Natasha Fondren said...

That is the absolute CUTEST! My husband is in Alaska now, Dutch Harbor. I'm going to ask him to look up the moose.

If the plural of goose is geese, why isn't the plural of moose, meese?

Stephanie Thornton said...

Yeah, we Alaskans know how to play hard ball.

But seriously, that baby moose all cuddled up? Adorable.

MaureenHume said...

I'm live in Australia and I've never seen a moose let alone a baby moose!
I read somewhere that all baby anythings are born cute to bring out nurturing instincs, more chance of the species survival.
This sweet baby definitely brings out my nurturing side.

CKHB said...

I need one.

ryan field said...

The baby looks a lot like what the new groomer at the Clip n Dip did to my poor poodle last month. All he needs are blue ribbons in each ear.

laughingwolf said...


chrismoose ain't til december :P lol

Keith Popely said...

Ha! I just had to stop for a mama moose and baby moose crossing the street in front of my car. Hope you do come to the 907 this fall, Janet. Bring a jacket.

Donna Coe-Velleman said...

Yeah, you're definitely going soft, but how could you not. That is one cute baby moose.

Rebecca Knight said...

I would totally read those Memoirs, just for the author photo :3!