Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kate Duffy, Kensington editor, has died

Here is a lovely piece about Kate's impact on a writer she didn't know or publish.


pegasus358 said...

Thanks for posting, Janet. I am so depressed about this, and that I will never again hear her voice on the phone.

Kate, I hope you are sitting on a tropical beach in heaven with a never-ending supply of romance books at your fingertips! Rest in peace.

Beth M.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad news. Tributes are cropping up all over the internet. She had an impact on the lives of many writers. This particular tribute shows the positive impact a person can have on someone they never met.

Shalanna said...

This is a shock. I'm so sorry to hear it. My condolences to her family, friends, and co-workers, including her authors and the agents she worked closely with.

She was unfailingly honest and direct and pulled no punches--did not snow you with vague stuff or "just not right for me" stuff, I can tell you that. And I appreciated it, as I really cannot learn from the vague hand-waving sort of rejection. I won a consultation/critique from her one time in one of those auctions to benefit an author whose house had burned down or flooded or something similar. She didn't like the premise of my book AT ALL, and in the phone call we went around in circles until she finally said, "Look, keep the characters. They're actually pretty charming. Keep the setting. Change everything else. Put them into an office tower or on a beach and do something else with them. Your writing style is fine. It's just the premise that doesn't wash." I went on to change the premise somewhat and do some reworking, and I think the book is pretty good now. I was always happy that she said I should keep the characters! (Especially since, what with her very direct comments to kick off the meeting, I knew she was not BSing me!)

Think about the good times you had with her and don't be sad. She's in the better place, after all.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Sad news. Thank you for posting that link.


Mary Anne Graham said...

In her memory, Scott Eagan (Greyhouse) is running an Alien Bunny Vampire contest for the entire month of October.