Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hurray! Portland Noir is HERE!

and the cover lists leading contributors: Ariel Gore, Jess Walter, *Bill Cameron*, Karen Karbo, Zoe Trope, Jonathan Sellwood and Monica Drake!


Steve Stubbs said...

I love that picture. Do you have to wait on the octopus to get through before you can read it?

Bill Cameron said...


Paul D Brazill said...

well, it is a great cover!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Portland ... one of my professors used to call it a most un-complementary name ... is also the haunt of evil fairies. Bad actors all.

I got lost in Portland a time or two, and the turn off to 99W always confuses me. I can easily imagine a 99W predator, fairy or not, just waiting to nab a clueless pixie driven to driving instead of flying.

Yup, I'll have to read this. ...

... Why do they call it T-ig-ard, instead of Tige-ard? Is Bend bent? Did Lincoln ever visit Lincoln City, and who in heaven's name ever came up with Tillamook? I probably spelled that wrong. Good cheese, odd name.

If you think about it, Portland is such a pretentious name. ... I'd like it better if The Oregonian published a review of Pixie Warrior.

Oh, and I'm still lonely over on my resuscitated blog. .... I WANT visitors and I WANT them NOW. Y'all come visit, hear? See the pretty pictures. Read my pixie ramblings. Comment. Just don’t be rude and don’t send me fairy porn. Such evil, wanton creatures. No morals at all.

Clarity said...

The cover looks Film Noirish, what is it about?

Kimbra Kasch said...

Anything with Portland in its title, has to be good.

Iko of the Shadows said...

Tillamook is a Native American word that means 'Land of Many Waters.' It refers to the land itself and later became the name of the tribe that resided there.

Portland Noir is a collection of crime noir stories by writers in the Portland, OR area.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Oh, dear ... Someone took me seriously ... big mistake ... unless I say I'm being serious.

Love the cheese though ... and yes, I've been to Tillamook. I know all about Chinooks and even a bit about Puyallup (spoke at a conference there once) and I’ve seen Chief Seattle’s hat, or what is reputed to be his hat,in that really odd store in Seattle ... umm ye old curiosity shop. ... Is it still there? Umm yes, I believe so ...

I've been growled at by wild things at the Portland zoo and at Point Defiance. I got lost in Eugene. ... attending a conference ... I've fired muskets at the Lewis and Clarke reenactment thinge at Sacagawea state park, I’ve had breakfast in more weirdly named places in Oregon than I can shake a stick at and wondered what the name Kalaloch (not in Oregon) means. I've been to Forks (also in that other state which is NOT Oregon) and sadly saw no vampires, though the breakfast food was good. I figured I was safe because pixie blood is fatal to vampires.

You're so sweet for explaining what Tillamook means (even if I already knew) oh and Go Cougs! (Huskies drool and Ducks merely waddle) umm and stuff.

Oh, and not to confine myself to the great Pacific Northwest ... I'd allow that the Wolf Pack may not be too bad, even if there is prolly some family connection between wolves and huskies. (Waving at St. Mary's Hosptial! Hey, remember that cute baby ... that wuz me!) and umm oh yes ... Westwood, Lassen County ... Hi everyone who lives there ... and umm what else? Oh yes, Benton City ... and Kinoa ... Now Kiona IS a mystery name to me at least ... Woulda been a city by now except for the fire of 1899. Alas. And there's Yakima spelled with an i and named for the tribe spelled with an "a".

Did you know there was a gold rush along the Columbia in 1864, that Chinese miners panned gold along the Franklin county shore up until about 1910 and that there was a minor gold minding operation north of Richland in 1917? Amazing what pixies know.

Such fun ... Did you know that Hover is gone and only a pile of rocks and foundations? I'm sure it wasn't named for the vacuum and if it was it was, it was sadly misspelled ...

Thanks ... and I’m visiting your blog ... so you have to visit mine, just to be nice. Stop in for an Oreo and milk. Stay for a comment. ... Oh, my short story found here ( ) will take you places you may know, if you know Oregon and highway 97.

Queen of the Annoying Clan
Defender of Goats
Seeker of the Lost Halo

Rebecca Knight said...

Hooray for Portland writers! I live right across the river in good ol' Vancouver, WA, and Portland is my home away from home.

Thanks for letting us know this is out, Janet! I will have to go check it out while having a cup o' joe downtown.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

gold minding? minding?? perfect typo record. ... years and years of t ypos.