Friday, May 01, 2009

The Edgars!

The awards have been bestowed. The authors have been wheeled out of the bar. The agents have been rolled up with the rugs and sent out for industrial strength cleaning: yes this year's Edgars have come and gone.

It was a lot of fun.

I know this because this morning I awoke with a red feather boa wrapped around my head; clutching a scotch bottle, a program and shrieking Leonard Cohen lyrics; and wondering if I'd really threatened a coup d'etat of Cornelia Reade's fan club leadership so I could be the president instead.

Well, what happens at the Edgars, stays, stays in the imaginations of 200+ very talented writers and will most likely be fodder for a great novel next year.

Such is the fate of those of us who work with the Keyboard Cabal.

Now, on to Malice!


kah said...

I think it's only fair that Octopus post a photo of you in your red feather boa with scotch bottle.

K Catalona said...

Two things

1. Please explain the Leonard Cohen reference

2. speaking as president of the San Francisco branch of the Cornelia Read admiration/worship society, no coup d'etat is necessary. we welcome you to our ranks as soon as you properly spell her name



Cornelia Read said...

Dude! That was SO AWESOME!!!!! And I have officially taken over your fan club's board of directors with my Somali pirate Leonard-Cohenophile friends...

Cardinal said...

Anyone who shrieks Leonard Cohen lyrics has my respect already. Was it a single malt scotch?

At this point, I need to finish my novel just for an excuse to party at some of these gatherings!

Gilbert J. Avila said...

I love Leonard Cohen! One of Canada's best products. I love "I'm your man," and that lyric--"First we take Manhattan,then we take Berlin..."

Does that sound too gay?