Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Couldn't do it without you!

Today is Godsend Day. Well, it's not, really. That's cause every day is Godsend Day here.
This office would run without them, but not as happily. No where NEAR as happily.

From answering the phone to sorting the mail to tracking wandering UPS packages to being sounding boards for projects, to making follow up calls, to vacuuming the rug, to just simply BEING there 10-5 to buzz the door open, our godsends are the cardiac system: they keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

It's impossible to overstate their value. We all know what it is though cause all of us have worked without godsends before. And we never EVER want to do that again.

Heather, Martin, Suzie, Amy: you all totally rock. Thank you.


Heidi said...

You may pretend to be snarky, but you are one of the most publicly positive and thankful people I know. And that is what keeps me coming back to your blog.

Shocking, I know.

But thanks for admitting how much you love your job, and the people who are in it with you.

Jo said...

I'd like a Godsend. Do they change diapers too?

Merry Monteleone said...

I gotta say, they must love working with you, too. How can you not love a boss who refers to you as a godsend?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Godsends!

Deb Vlock said...

Hooray for the godsends!! I could use a couple myself.

Haste yee back ;-) said...

"sounding boards for projects?"

How high's the bribe $$$ number... Martin, Suzie, Amy - you listening?

Haste yee back ;-)

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

Gosh, when you mentioned cardiac, I thought you had a heart attack. Don't scare me like that!

Oh, and Heather, Martin, Suzie, Amy -- thanks for keeping Janet alive long enough for me to submit to her someday.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a godsend other than my secretary, an unreliable beagle. And she's not worth the money I pay for her designer chewie bones.

Can I have some of your godsends?

Haste yee back ;-) said...

Oh, Good Lord, did I miss someone... HEATHER... yep, Heather. (Sorry, Darlin,' but I'm gettin'.... well, more mature as the years pass)!

That'll cost me an extra $500!

Haste yee back ;-)

KLo said...

What a nice way to express your thanks : )

That Writer Chic... said...

So, are they any good at gardening ? And if so, how much do they charge ? :)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you recognizing the admin assistants :) It's a job that's often forgotten about (at least in my company!). Being one myself, I often feel like I'm never noticed unless I do something wrong. :P

LOL, I didn't even know it was admin assistant day until the senior AA in our region sent out e-cards telling us thank you :P

aubyrn said...

As a member of the legion of Godsends (a much less humble title than I would have chosen, but I think we collectively thank you for it nonetheless), I love being a member of the publishing industry in any capacity. Admins learn so much, and the possibilities to grow begin on the ground floor.

And Janet, it is people like you (and a shout-out to the wonderful folks of my own office who surprised me with flowers yesterday) who make our jobs so rewarding.

Thank YOU!


Anonymous said...

Yay for being a godsend!

Thanks Janet :)