Thursday, April 23, 2009

Concetta Rocks the House!

I was a confirmed skeptic about people claiming to speak with the dead. Confirmed. Confirmed. Staunch. Solid. Head shaking, eyebrow elevating. Skeptique, c'est moi.

Then I saw this segment on The Early Show.

Concetta's new book is Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs, and the book that got her started is Do Dead People Watch You Shower? (one of my favorite titles of all time)

I've read Concetta's book cause the estimable FinePrint head honcho Stephany Evans represents her.

So, now maybe not quite such a staunch skeptic after reading the book, and seeing the segment!

C'est segment, très intéressant


none said...

You should watch Derren Brown for a counter-view.

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Great clip! My favorite TV show is Medium. Very interesting stuff - thanks for sharing.

moonrat said...

re: watching shower: i am absolutely and utterly convinced my dead great uncle stalks my apartment where i live out of wedlock with my boyfriend. positively convinced. sometimes i wake up in the morning to sense him sitting reproachfully on the couch. "don't keep it very clear here, do you? you're no better than your no-good mother. i bet you don't cook." etc.

what's that? residual catholic guilt?

Belvoir said...

Janet, just before I read your post, Bookslut had a quote from writer Luis Alberto Urrea, as told to NPR:

"I was in a small house in Cuernavaca with old healer women. We were eating green Jell-O. One of them told me this: "When you write, you light a bonfire in the spirit world. It is dark there. Lost souls wander alone. Your inner flame flares up. And the lost souls gather near your light and heat. And they see the next artist at work and go there. And they follow the fires until they find their ways home."I'm a staunch skeptic of the spirit world..except when I'm not, and this intriguing, if dismaying. But authors and artists often speak of characters speaking to them, a possession of sorts when they're in the creative zone. Again, I'm just thinking what a poetic idea it is, and I'm not at all superstitious.

But the door to my skepticism is always cracked, I do wonder sometimes. Perhaps it's good for the imagination to leave that door ajar just a bit. In any case, a rather haunting idea of creativity.

Sandra Cormier said...

As a boy, my husband lived with ghosts in a Victorian house in Toronto. Two mustachioed men and a lady.

My parents grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick - one of the oldest cities in Canada. Lots of spirits in those old tenement flats.

I've never seen a ghost, but I'm not skeptical.

That Writer Chic... said...

My lighthouse keeping Great Grandfather died of a heart attack while coming off duty at the Cape Fear Lighthouse. To this day, guest who stay in the keepers quarters that he lived in, say they have seen a man wearing a pin striped shirt, wondering the place. One never knows.

Alice said...

Maybe read: Ian Rowland's The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading (endorsed by Derren Brown) said...

We've got to work on that skepticism of yours. I lived in a haunted house as a kid, and have encountered friends, family, and others from the Great Beyond so many times that if I had a dime for all of them, I'd be wealthy. Not only do dead people watch me shower, they get in with me. I don't have Concetta's gift, but wish I did. Loved her book.

What a wonderful sense of humor she has. I'm glad to hear she has another one out. I must have it immediately.