Friday, January 02, 2009

Bill Cameron's CHASING SMOKE

This is a very sweet video of Barista on Duty Rhodester receiving a copy of Bill Cameron's Chasing Smoke.

It reminded me of how other people LIKE getting packages in the mail (versus me who dreads a big mail bag!)


Rhodester said...

Thanks for the cool link, except I'm not "Barista on duty", I'm Rhodester, aka Dave, receiving a package of coffee FROM "Barista on duty", aka John or something, and a copy of Bill Cameron's book happened to come on the same day, so it was there with it.

But hey! Coffee AND a book! Drank all of the coffee but haven't read the book yet. Sorry Bill, I'll get to it.

BJ said...

I like getting books in the mail. I like getting any packages - it's like my birthday all year round. And they're much nicer than the registered letters I get from the City.

Bill Cameron said...

Rhodester, no worries. If nothing else, it looks good on the shelf!

Rhodester said...

Oh, it's all corrected now. Thanks Janet. Bill, shelf? What shelf? Your book is on my to-do list. I mean literally. My to-do list kept blowing away, and I've found that your book is just heavy enough to keep it from doing so.