Saturday, December 20, 2008

What the well-shod agent is wearing this year

We can either cast a spell on you, or outrun you.

The elf toe jingle bell boots are worn by She Who Keeps the Place Running, our godsend Heather.

The spiffy running shoes are worn by She Who Kicks Ass AND Takes Names in the NYC Marathon: Stephany Evans.

You've already seen Amy's fabulous footwear here.

Helvetica knows what the asssistant is planning on for snow boots! Stay tuned!


Dedproductwrites said...

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Sara J. Henry said...

Huh? Did I miss something?

BJ said...

It's spam. He probably spammed his illiterate blurb to all writing-related sites, trying to find a short-cut for the hard work that is necessary to get anywhere in that industry. Of course, he will fail, because only fools believe spam and you have to at least be savvy to make it in the business.

Hmm. A very appropriate word verification: progasp. Because any pro would have to gasp at such an amateuristic attempt as this.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Yup, that looks like spam ... Then again, it could just be idiocy.

Did you know that there are celtic ruins on top of Sheeps Tor, Devon? You can see them in a satalite photo. Also, there's a pixie cave hidden in Sheeps Tor. It's part of local history.

There are many pixie associations in that area of Devon: the cave, a bridge under which we're said to "tryst," a mound, a stone ring, a house.

True, certainly some of it is.

Yup, it was spam. Clueless spam ... boring spam ...

Also, did you know that in an 1828 guide to Devonshire actually mentions Pixies ... I think the cute one who liked the padre at the village of Sheepstor was my aunty. Sounds just like her

I hate blogspam. Comment moderation helps.

There are half-pixies in Devon. Did you know that. Children of our children. They hide in plain site. If you live there, you should watch for signs. ... Though I can't tell you what they are. That would be telling.

When the Elfords lived in Tavistock during the parlimentary troubles, they knew us well. Me mum remembers the Elford who hid in our rock chamber in Sheepstor. He was something of an artist, though not a good one.

I want to know how the spammer got by word verification...

Are you still reading this post?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

i should edit before i post, but why break a nearly perfect record of grammar errors and misspellings?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

oh ... and who knew agents had a shoe fetish. ... Pixies like shoes. But only married pixies wear them. They're part of our traditional dowry.

BJ said...

Princess Sha'el, I read every part of every comment you post.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear BJ,

How kind of you ... and patient. You can tell I'm deeply into research, huh?

My editor thinks I need to blog more; Janet always nags about blogs. I'm resurrecting my old one and will prolly add a pixie story to it in bits.

It's a struggle because I'm committed to a history book that if we stay on schedule will be out in 2010. My writing partner (hi, uncle bruce! Sorry about your advanced age ... Fortunately birthdays only happen once a year.)and I are caught up in a bit of original research and having trouble getting libraries to part with microfilms. So who knows about our nice schedule. ... prolly all shot to heck now.

I also need to write a follow up to my article in J-RAD, a history journal. I did rewrite an short story i wrote two years ago and it will be on a web-zine in the spring. Sigh. I spend too much time trying to catch up with life.

One thing that has really helped is google books. ( I know some hate them; that seems to come from fears of copyright violations. But google books gives me access to one of the world's biggest libraries and searchable text. It saves tonnes of time. Can one measure time in terms of weight?

Also the books are often downloadable. Best research tool I've found since Interlibrary Loan was invented.

I'm rambling again, aren't i?

Thanks for the kind words.


BJ said...

I'm also a compulsive researcher and have looked into the Celtic and pre-Celtic peoples, though usually from a cultural and archaeological point of view rather than historical. A very interesting people.

Joanna said...

Stupid spam! Took the thunder of those hot-goth elf boots! They rock...and Heather made it until 10pm in those bad boys. Such a trooper...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Oh, yes, well, i think i missled you. Unintentionally. We research 19th Century premillenialist movements, people who predicted the end of the world in (insert almost any year).

The other research I mentioned including the Devon and Dartmoor related interest is all about PIXIES! We pixies are fiesty.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear Joanna,

Re: Elf boots see:

Jane Smith said...

I want those boots.

I also want to be able to walk in them without my toes falling off.

They're just gorgeous, and totally beyond me.

Nicola Morgan said...

Jane, you can't have them. They won't work in Yorkshire.