Friday, December 19, 2008

~*Courtney Summers*~

Remember how I told you ~*Courtney Summers *~was going to be a star?

Her debut novel Cracked Up To Be hits the shelves next week. I've already read it in manuscript form since I'm fortunate enough to sit next to her agent, the lovely Amy Tipton, in our office (aka The Abyss).

If you haven't met Courtney yet, there's a terrific interview with her here at Susan Adrian's blog (Susan is no slouch as a writer either, by the way!)


AC said...

I've heard buzz on this book all over the internet--it sounds fabulous.

clindsay said...

She also just wrote a wonderful article on how to build a working relationship with your editor over my blog. Just posted last night. I am going to miss her guest posts!

Kwana said...

The book sounds great and the trailer is hot.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Janet! I'm still envious that you've read the WHOLE THING and I have not.

Soon, my pretties, soon, I will have it in my hands!

courtney summers said...

Janet, the ~*sparkles*~ Susan and I unleashed in that interview was only a fraction of the ~*sparkles*~ you ~*sparkle*~ every day.
Thanks for the shout-out!!