Saturday, November 29, 2008

That is all ye know on earth, and all you need to know

Do you need something beautiful to look at for a while?
This should do it.

And if it doesn't?
Well, this will.


Ann Victor said...

Breathtakingly beautiful! Wonderful mix of modern technolgy and ancient art.

I saw the exhibition of the ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts today - also breathtaking. Some are a 1000 years old and some even discussed (wait for it) grammar rules!!!!

Ryan Field said...


FIONA said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I've just emailed the link to everyone on my list.

Another thing to be thankful for--- art online.

Janet said...

Is it just me, or does the face of the Venus de Milo look like Bill Clinton from that angle? (The photo on the entrance page.)

jnantz said...

Funny, I've always been taught (and therefore have taught my kids) that Keats's "beauty is truth, truth beauty" was meant to be satirical coming from a man who was facing the truth of his own death after having watched the same disease kill his mother and brother.

The links you gave us, however, were breathtaking and thought-provoking. Thank you, that was very cool.

Southern Writer said...

You always know where the best stuff can be found. Thanks for always sharing it with us.