Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NYPL is just the coolest

and here's another reason why.

Clever listeners and watchers will note ALL the artist live in one borough! Which borough is it you ask? Brooklyn of course!


The Unbreakable Child said...

So how cool is that~?! I'm sharing this with my local library. Thanks, Janet!

Steve Stubbs said...

I used to live in Manhattan and back then all the artists lived in Greenwich Village. To me, NYPL meant 42nd street, and - yes - it is the greatest library in the world, no exceotions. Which is not surprising because NY is the greatest city in the world. Those who wore special thermal bulletproof vests to keep them warm in the NY winter (nobody oculd pay for heat) found cheap lofts in the South Bronx. The bathroom might be a shared facility down the hall (toilets backed up, of course), the landlord might burn the place down for the insurance with you in it as a protest against rent control, and you might be able to enjoy the view of the borough through a hole in the wall (if the loft did not have a window) but it was cheap.

Now with gentrification those same people all moved to Berlin. It is good to know that some of them moved back to Brooklyn.

Southern Writer said...

Fun stuff.