Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have a question. You said you have a project going out on Monday. Does that mean that agents can still approach editors in August? I've heard that publishing "shuts down" in August. How much of that is reality and how much is myth? My agent is sending my novel out now, but maybe I should quit obsessing until September, or later.

August is slower for sure. Half the known world was gone at RWA last week; many are taking advantage of the travel time and taking some extra vacation days.

Truthfully, I send stuff out all the time. I've sent things out between Christmas and New Year. An editor emailed me today asking for a proposal I'm shopping. You can bet it will be on his desk on Monday morning.

As for the project I'm going out with on Monday, frankly I'm going out cause I love it and want to talk about it to everyone. It's a debut mystery author and I'm just jazzed about the book. More details when it sells of course.

Mostly what I'm doing now though is getting caught up. I'll be reading all the pending fulls, all the pending partials by the end of the month. After that I'll have a clear idea of what I'll be focusing on in September.


SundaySoup said...

Jane Dystel just did a great post about this very topic...hope you don't mind me linking to another blog! It's

Margaret Yang said...

Thank you for the info, Janet. And thank you for the link, Joelle.

...(trying to quit obsessing.)

JES said...

Thanks -- very interesting!

Just out of curiosity, does the submission calendar line up in any particular way with publishers' publication cycles?

Lynn Price said...

I've heard that publishing "shuts down" in August.