Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why KC Dyer Should Rule the World

First, cause KC Dyer wears fabulous stockings, such that I am contemplating buying some just like it for my return trip to Surrey.

Second, cause KC Dyer is part of the unrivaled conference organizing team behind the magic that is the Surrey Writing Conference. You all know how much I hate conferences. Well I don't hate Surrey. I love it.

Third, because yesterday while at the LIRW lunch yesterday, I was astounded to be seated with not one, not two, but THREE people who'd attended the Surrey Writing conference. There was Jen from Long Island, Ginger from Texas, and Julie from..of all places...Oregon. And not just anywhere in Oregon, she lived in the same town I did, when I lived there. I about dropped my fangs with surprise.

Well naturally much hilarity ensued. Despite not winning the raffle basket of ice cream supplies (cause really what goes better with scotch than ice cream!) we managed to have so much fun that I spontaneously asked them to join me later that evening at the Lee Child reading and post reading party. And they did!

And this is why KC Dyer should rule the world: she runs a conference that makes it easy to connect with people, that treats agents so nicely that even curmudgeonly sardonic cold cruel hate-to-leave-NYC ones love to come. And she runs a conference that serves the needs of writers at various stages of their careers.

KC Dyer and the Surrey Conference rock. You'd be smart to go if you're thinking of doing a conference this year. Take note of that Jen, Ginger and Julie. Be there, or be afraid. I know where you live!!


H. L. Dyer said...

I heartily agree. People named "Dyer" just rock... it's that simple.

Julie Weathers said...

Yes, I have already booked my room for Surrey. It's a far piece from Texas, but I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

I even heard Janet Reid is really nice, but you know how rumors are.

I'm glad everyone appreciates KC. She is such a sweetheart.

Jessica Nelson said...

Wow, you dropped your fangs?

Eileen said...

Surrey is my favorite conference of the season. I'll look forward to seeing you there.

helgor said...

I share in the love of kc dyer--and love her books, too.

MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK is fabulous!

Jennifer McAndrews said...

One unexpected thing we learned: Janet Reid moves through NYC faster than you can say Macallan 12. This is a skill that would have come in handy for Ginger while she was in Chinatown evading the police. It would have come in handy for Julie and Jen, too, had Ginger chosen to inform those six men in blue about J&J's trip beyond the secret panels of a handbag store.

As exciting as the running, dodging, secret passageways, and leaky hideouts were on Saturday, they pale in comparison to the fun, frivolity, champagne, and companionship of Friday. That evening wins hands down. Now the challenge becomes... how to top it.

Thanks for being so cool and adding such a great memory to the trip. You rock!! : )

- Julie, Ginger, and Jen

p.s. remember to tell Lee Child to have ultra-suede shorts made for next time.

Janet Reid said...

Ultra suede shorts!

Lee was wearing an ultra suede jacket on Friday. As we left the party, I found myself stroking his sleeve because it felt so wonderful. I excused myself saying I was clearly drunk and disorderly.

The JJG trio followed suit, stroking his sleeve. Lee fixed them with his cool Brit smile and said "I think I'll have pants made of this for next time"

We tumbled down the stairs we were laughing so hard. And of course, googling the price of suede and tailors on our Blackberries.

Unknown said...

It's just so darned expensive to go to conferences. I'm looking into this one though. If you see a girl sleeping in a tent out behind the hotel, offer me a shower, will you? :)

kc dyer said...

Oh, Janet -- we heart you, too! You added so much to the conference last year, I just can't WAIT to see what you get up to this year! It's going to be a guaranteed good time....


Shari Green said...

I can hardly wait for Surrey! I went in 2006 and LOVED it. :D