Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smart advice

If authors have to write a half a million words before getting published, I'd venture they might have to read ten million.
Julie Kramer Stalking Susan: (Doubleday, 2008)


Loretta Ross said...

Actually, those numbers sound low to me. I've probably read 100,000 words just in the past three days or so. Certainly twice that in the past week, and I don't think my reading habits are remarkable.

Even if you put it at only 100,000 a week, that's 5,200,000 per year. You'd reach 10 million in less than two years.

Sorry! Being pedantic!

Julie Weathers said...

I think reading is part of being a writer.

My personal time has been cut down lately, but I still read every day.

Reading quality writing fuels the desire in me to write.

It also frustrates me because I start wishing I could write like this person or that. Then I have to repeat my mantra, "Your name is Julie, not George."

Kitty said...

"Your name is Julie, not George."

I keep telling myself I'm not Nora Ephron.


Margaret Yang said...

...And I'm not Stephen King.

Helen said...

I'll repeat this to myself the next time I cart another pile of books up to the bookstore tills. I've always believed reading and writing go hand-in-hand; it's very hard to justify it to friends and family who raise their eyebrows and say. 'You've bought more books?'

josh said...

I think, so long as you're constantly listening, watching, analyzing and critiquing any form of storytelling, (from books to film, even the everyday stories around you that people are telling each other) it will serve to inspire you.

I watch a lot of movies while I'm working on a novel because I love the medium, and also it's quicker and allows me to soak in five or six stories a week whereas reading takes more time and concentration.

I'm not saying reading good writing isn't important or people should do it less often, especially for novelists when you, yourself, are hoping that someday someone will pick up your book instead of a movie. It's absolutely important to find books you love, styles that intrigue you... even just to refresh your word palette after a project is done. It's definitely important.

Travis Erwin said...

Great quote!

jjdebenedictis said...

I'm not Dean Koontz, but I occasionally attempt to do a decent impersonation of him.