Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ahhh, Crimebake!

Number of authors attending Crimebake this weekend in Boston: one gazillion

Number of authors who wanted to pitch their book: One gazillion plus one

Number of editors and agents in attendance: 15

Number of editors and agents who crashed the "How To Pitch" workshop and got pressed into service: 3

Cups of coffee swilled: 700

Shots of whisky inhaled: McCallan’s whiskey: 12

Obscenities uttered at breakfast while discussing "exclusives": 10

Obscenities uttered on the panel when asked if query letters were old fashioned and face to face meeting the best way to meet agents: *^&,$%#

Marriage proposals: 1

Offers of illicit snugglebunny activity: 1

Times slept with Jack Reacher: 0

Authors brave enough to meet me in a pitch session: 10

Authors brave enough to send pages: TBD

Manuscript pages hauled to Boston in suitcase: 1200

Ms pages read: 950

Number of days till Crimebake 2008: 365

Crimebake 2007? Priceless If you write mystery fiction you'd be hard pressed to find a better conference. Kudos to the organizers and the volunteers who made it happen. If they ask me back, I'll be there. If they don't, well, I may just crash the party.


Mindy Tarquini said...

Which came first, the marriage proposal or the offer of illicit snugglebunny activity?

Sandra Cormier said...

How many times do I have to tell you that Jack is not real?

Mags said...

Damn, I'm writing in the wrong genre!

Margaret Yang said...

I hope you also said "no" to some people who pitched. Remember, if you know upfront that it's not for you, you don't have to ask for pages just to be nice. You're doing them a favor by saying no.

Lucy Burdette aka Roberta Isleib said...

Don't worry Janet, you were the life of the party! I'm sure we'll ask you back...

Roberta Isleib
Crimebake committee and author of DEADLY ADVICE

Cathy C said...

Janet, you were the Queen Agent of Fabulosity at the conference!

Thanks for your upbeat attitude and energy. Everyone loved that you and your sister agents were so accessible.

I hope you'll be partying and doing your agent thing with us at next year's Crime Bake.

Cathy Cairns
Crime Bake committee & NE/SinC prez

Chris Eldin said...

Sorry no-one slept with Jack Reacher. I would've. My DH is traveling right now.

And who proposed to whom?

Lynn Price said...

Note to self: Never have liquid in mouth when reading Janet's posts. You owe me a new keyboard, Reid.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

So, did you say yes? to both proposals?

Other than being fictional, which is always a huge drawback, Jack is way too tall. Besides, my mate would be a tad angry ... Angry Scotsmen are so hard cope with.

I'm thinkin' Bill E. Goat would make a great detective. Title: The Adventure of the Missing Baaaaaahhh. Or maybe "Things that go Baaah in the Night." Or "The Kidnaping of Nan" Or "The Redemption of Azazel." (note obscure biblical reference.) Or "Just the Horns, Ma'am."

This needs more thought! Forget Fantasy! I'm writtng Goat Detective novels!

Lars said...

Christ, you sound like Dracula's mother!

Why would I consider you as an agent?