Thursday, September 02, 2004

What I'm looking for

Updated 9/10/2017

Adult commercial fiction: thrillers are a favorite. Crime of all kinds. I read widely but rep narrowly. You're welcome to query me for anything. The worst you'll hear is no.

Adult non-fiction: History and biography. Narrative popular science and math. I love maps and geography too.

Projects I'd kill for: a narrative history of the second feminist wave, much like Taylor Branch's seminal work on the Civil Rights movement

Juvenile: picture books and middle grade non-fiction. History and biography but again, you're welcome to query for anything.

Bottom line: I've taken on and sold books that don't fall into any of these categories. I read the query and was interested in the book.

I'd rather hear from you than not.

I'm more concerned that you send me what I need to evaluate your work, than I am the topic area.

What I need to evaluate your work is:

a query letter and the first five pages (or so) of the manuscript in the email (not attached) for fiction

a query letter and the overview to the proposal for non-fiction (also in the email, not attached)

There are a lot of ways to shoot yourself in the foot in a query. Mostly those happen if you're not trying or you don't care.  I'm not looking to reject work. Follow these guidelines to your best ability and you'll be fine.

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JRL said...

Ms. Reid,

I am surprised that you posted this 4 1/2 years ago and yet have not received a single comment in all that time, at least not until now. I can only assume that others are too afraid to approach the infamous Shark without a cage or chainmail wetsuit. As for me, I'll cliff dive wearing nothing but Donald Duck floaties, aviator shades and a Pina Colada in each hand. I have no fear... or shame, apparently. My work has been rejected by some of the very best in the industry, but for reasons I can't explain, I have yet to submit my work to you. Which is strange, because I have been quoted on this very blog saying that "You are my dream agent and I would be your nightmare client, but you know, the good kind of nightmare." So I guess maybe it's because I have such a high level of respect for you, I cannot allow myself to submit a query until I know that it is absolutely perfect.