Sunday, January 07, 2018

Holiday Flash Fiction results-Round 3

Round 3 was a toughie! 

Loved this line from Terri Lynn Coop
Immortality means I’ll outlive every beloved.

Amy Schaefer 10:05am
What would it mean, to eat the bird? I glanced nervously
around my fiancé’s family. Heads cocked, beady eyes watchful, like a flock of
birds themselves.

I took a bite.


She took a bite.

You’re so relieved, you nearly tip your wine glass. Food matters, here.

Mother nods.

You pull the ring from your pocket.


The girl sobbed in Corbin’s arms. Mother approved. People were happiest
following protocol, lying to themselves
about love.

Bird eaten, ring on. Time to feast.
Brilliant work here with the POV shifts.

Miriam 10:12am
I wipe his vomit. “Some Christmas,” he groans.

“Matthew 2:16,” I say. Slaughter them before they grow, standard protocol.
Lymphoma treatment’s brutal as Herod.
One helluva Christmas story. Sweet, tender, brutal.

Barbara 11:21am
(Round 1) Was a Christmas miracle, for sure. Hadn't et in
eight days. Slinked to the neighbor's pear tree 'cross the way, but weren't a
pear on it. Was a bird, though.

(Round 2) Partridge. Wringed its neck and took it home. We et good that night.
For the next 11 nights, I found something worthwhile in that tree.

(Round 3) Colly birds, milking cows, a parade of pipers and leapers. Gold rings
was the best, though. Pawned 'em for cold cash. Then come day 13.
I don't have words for how gorgeous this writing is.

flashfriday 2:53pm
-Don’t colly my collie.
-You cozened my cousin!
-No; I’m the better bettor.
-Well, I’VE the cash cache.
-I’VE the vile vial.
I'm a total sucker for homonym jokes, and this is just so wonderfully full of great ones. Lovely lovely work.

Lennon Faris 5:30pm
[Round 1 - Laurie Batzel]

It had to be her.
This had my sister’s fingerprints all over it.
only Christina could flip you the bird and blow you a kiss all in the same

[Round 2 – Brian Schwarz]
It wasn’t underwear we found in my bedroom. It was her knife, because
Christina cooked his dinner.
Her catering skills were famous.
my poor husband

They searched the garage.
Didn’t notice bottles of ethylene glycol. Lying’s not my m.o., but
it was Christmas.
her chocolate pie totally wowed
those cops.
I believe this is the first entry that used work by other commenters, and I love it.

John Davis Frain 6:01pm
Wideload Johnson stumbled. Ogled the idling pickup. Shimmied

Perfect fit.

Next surprise—it was a convertible and defied physics.

He leaned out his window. Birds-eye view of a rooftop.

* * * * *

The sleigh stopped. A glimmering, unfamiliar house.

He knocked.

A girl answered. “Uncle Teddy?”

Wideload shook. “Ain’t nobody call me that name in twenty years.”

* * * * *

He wiped his forehead, colly clinging to his cuff.

An older woman appeared.

“Ted! How’d you—?”

He pointed toward the pickup. It was gone.

A Christmas magic story, so lovely it touches even the cold cruel heart of a Grinchy Shark like me! 

Round four results, and over all results on Monday, usual time!  ummm, probably closer to noon!


french sojourn said...

Round three finalists are filled with knock-outs.

Well done all.

Kathy Joyce said...

These were all so good, and fun to read. I went in thinking we'd get five prompt words for each section. One was a relief!

Kae Ridwyn said...

I sit in awe of your talent, dear Reiders. Congratulations to all who entered - and congratulations times twenty to those who made short lists in any of the rounds!

AJ Blythe said...

And the talent continues. Congrats to everyone who made the list in round 3.

Lisa Bodenheim said...

What fun to read through these stories again. Such skill.

Congrats to all who made it as finalists into each of these rounds. I look forward to tomorrow's blog.

Theresa B (of Nebulopathy) said...

I was blown away by a lot of the entries in all four parts of the contest. Amazing stuff!

grinyerforestryconsultingllc said...
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Ashes said...

I often read the other entries after I submit my own. When I do, there are always standouts that I'm not surprised to see in Janet's picks.

But what I really love, is when the curated results contain gems I missed. It gives me a real appreciation for how good agents are at their job, and, if I'm honest, confidence in the publishing industry itself.

It is easy to think your query might be missed in the sheer mass of incoming queries. Honestly, if I was an agent I think I'd miss things. A seasoned eye that picks out even the most subtly elegant entries, is something I have a lot of respect for.

James Leisenring said...

I tried to keep a list of favorites as we went along in the contest, but I think it ended up being just a list of almost every entry. flashfriday's entry was definitely my favorite round 3, though.