Sunday, November 02, 2014

Your extra hour is accounted for

You have an extra hour today. You will spend it petting ME. Any questions?


Elissa M said...

Our kitty's command is that we spend the extra hour entertaining her. She's still too young to stay settled for a full hour of petting.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the beautiful cat (not thing!) that awaits us all.

"The eyes have it!"

Kitty said...

You look a bit down. So how's about the Grumpy Cat Happy Birthday Song for a pick-me-up.

french sojourn said...

An hour of time
spent petting a feline
would surly be fine
if I could just find the time.

(well that...and my other sits with her back to me and plots, and I know she see's all)

Cheers Hank

DLM said...

What Hank said! (Napping with kitties = also good.)

Today's beautiful model has STRIKING eyes.

B. Renard said...

J'adore! She looks so much like our Siamese kitty. So sassy!

(Thank god for the extra sleep. This is the one day each year where the circles under my eyes actually vanish. Hooray for not looking like a vengeful spirit!)