Saturday, February 22, 2014

Promo tip: when?

Do you have a website that lists your upcoming events/appearances?

When was the last time you updated it?

Here's why I ask.
Recently an editor pal sent me an advanced reading copy of a book by an author I didn't know. I read it and liked it very much. I googled his website, wondering if he was going to be in NYC or maybe attending Bouchrcon, or in some way how our paths might cross.

His event button on his website led to me a long list of events.
From 2012.

The reason I know they are 2012 is cause the first one is for July, and I thought maybe he was just very organized and had booked events far in advance.  But no, Saturday July 7th isn't in 2014. Or even 2013. I actually checked my 2012 date book and sure enough 7/7/12 is a Saturday.

Now, the website police aren't going to show up at your door and no one is going to not buy your book if your event page isn't cleaned up. That's all true.


You don't know what you're going to miss if you're not ready.

I've said it before, I'll say it again here now: Be Ready
In this instance it means keep your event page updated so sharks can swim by and tell you they liked your book. A lot.


Charley said...

Good point! Thanks.

Kitty said...

I would like to add that if the writer is going to allow the readers to leave comments on his/her website, the writer should at least check them occasionally -- let the readers know he/she is interested in their comments. Lee Goldberg is great at this.

Janet Reid said...

Kitty, oh so true. NOTHING worse than seeing spam filled comment columns too.