Saturday, October 05, 2013

new story from Laird Barron!

Laird Barron is an amazing writer of horror (I'm told.)
VERY good horror in fact.
He's won awards for it.
Fans extoll his writing far and wide.

I've never read a word of it.

I can read thrillers all day and night but I can't read horror. I'm not sure why. I kind of blame Stephen King for this (why not!) because I saw the movie based on his book Christine and promos for the movie based on his book Cujo and I actually lived in Oregon where they filmed The Shining...let's just say I slept with the lights on for.. oh wait I still do.

So when the modern day master of horror Laird Barron needed an agent, of course I tossed my hat in the ring. And bless his deeply twisted heart, Laird thought I might be up to the task.

My ace in the hole was the trusty Money Launderer here who loves his books with a passion.  As soon as Laird signed on the dotted line, I added a task to her job description: read Laird's books so I know what they're about.

Well, sadly she's not in the office today (I mean rilly...not at work on a Saturday?? what kind of fresh help is THIS!) so I had to scour the internet for help.

Here's the description of Laird's latest story.

"LD50 is a bone- dry thriller that reminded me of a hungover David Morrell. I also liked Jessica Mace, Barron’s heroine a lot- in fact, my mind cast Jamie Lee Curtis circa The Fog in the role while I was reading the story. I hope that we’ll see more of her in the future and that she doesn’t end up as lunch for some Elder God, like most of Laird’s protagonists."
--Dimitris Kontogiannis,

And here's the link to the LD50.  Read with the lights ON!


Ahimsa Kerp said...

I'm reading his new book right now, but am very excited to read this story next.

I also got some pretty intense nightmares two nights ago after going to sleep reading "The Men From Porlock."

Anonymous said...

I was a huge Stephen King fan in my late twenties/early thirties. I still like the way he writes. My most recent read was (latest meaning about two years ago, ON WRITING and DUMA KEY. Loved ON WRITING, and thought DUMA KEY was good, strange, but good.

Maybe I ought to give Laird B a try except... at the moment, (thanks to you Ms. Janet) my current TBR pile received more books to read and at this point, if I buy any more, I'll need to build another room.

Janet Reid said...

donna, you can buy Laird's new book electronically. It's even on sale on Amazon right now (October 2013) for $1.99

I am evil, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

Argh. Yes! But..., what else would expect from her Sharkiness?

Anonymous said...

Argh. Again. where did the "we" go in my sentence? More coffee needed.

Terri Lynn Coop said...

Oh, on sale? And that is just the best title ever, I am well familiar with the concept of LD50 and am interested to see how he uses it.