Thursday, September 13, 2012

FPLM field trip: Cornelia Read

"When we first moved to Boulder, I was entirely too happy -- a state of being so rare in my experience that I found it rather terrifying."

I have been a devoted fan of Cornelia Read for years.  Her great line from FIELD OF DARKNESS "Dear Reader, I decked the bitch" is one of the few I've seriously considered getting tattooed on myself. Maybe even on the forehead.

Thus when Cornelia's fourth book was published this week, I went to her signing as did many of her other fans.  I was smart; I got there early. I was REALLY smart: I bought the book before they sold out.

If you haven't yet discovered Cornelia Read now is the time. Start with FIELD OF DARKNESS. Read the books in order. 

If you don't like them, you'll need to show me a note from your doctor verifying you've taken leave of your senses or we can't be friends any more. 


kregger said...

Dear Ms. Reid,

Call me crazy, but when you have finished, Valley of Ashes, it should become a prize for one of your 100 word contests. I know I'm jumping the gun, but here is my submission.


“Who’s Janet Read,” I asked.

“She’s the shark over at FPLM. What planet do you live on?” Karla poured coffee.

“Oh, though I walk through the valley of death,” I took a sip.

“My coffee isn’t that bad.”

“Ever see that tired trope of food turning to ashes in a character’s mouth?” I swallowed, winced and twitched. “This is that trope come to life.”

“If it’s so bad, why do you drink it,” she asked.

“In the little cornelia of my world, this is as good as it gets.” I shuddered another drop down.

“You’re a form rejection.”


Wendy said...

Love your recommendations, Janet.