Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Monday, October 03, 2011

one of the MANY things I love about Jack Reacher novels

Lee Child has a deft way of writing about women. It's not an easy task, I'm convinced, for men to write about women in a way that doesn't focus somehow first on their sexuality.

Lee Child does it better than most.

Here's what reminded me of that today:

She wound down her window and looked straight at me, first my face, then a careful up-and-down, side-to-side appraisal all the way from my shoes to my hair, with nothing but frankness in her gaze. I stepped in closer to give her a better look, and to take a better look. She was more than flawless. She was spectacular. She had a revolver in a holster on her right hip, and next to it was a shotgun stuffed muzzle-down in a scabbard mounted between the seats. There was a big radio slung under the dash on the passenger side and a microphone on a curly wire in a clip near the steering wheel. The car was old and worn, almost certainly bought secondhand from a richer municipality.

So, you know a lot about this woman, without hearing a single thing about what she looks like. You know Reacher finds her very attractive. You know she's a cop. And you know she's armed. Any questions? Yea,  I didn't think so.


jesse said...

I'm guessing the first day back at queries didn't go as planned. Does Lee comfort your slush headache?

Michael Seese said...

Attractive and heavily armed...two things I look for in a woman.

Suffice to to say, that's why I liked the old "Aeon Flux" cartoons.

Colin Smith said...

On your recommendation, Janet, I purchased and read Killing Floor. Not usually what I would choose to read, but I must say I actually enjoyed it. While Lee did give a very basic description of the leading lady, he seemed more concerned to put character first. The story had good pace to it, and plenty of twists to keep me guessing.

I'm actually tempted to get the next one. Thanks! I think... :)

Ali Trotta said...

That was a great passage. Thanks for the learning experience. :-)

Steve Ulfelder said...

Jack's back to first person? Interesting.

Steve Stubbs said...

Just one question: WHAT'S THE TITLE OF THE BOOK?

Before I go insane, please.

And kudos to Lee Child for writing well and snagging a great agent.

jan said...

"Spectacular" and "flawless" just about sum it up while leaving the details to the reader's imagination. Whatever works...