Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Showing (not telling!) how to pitch!

This is absolutely the best example I've seen of How To Pitch if you meet an agent at a conference.


Josin L. McQuein said...

Still not quite as bad as the romance editor who was cornered in the bathroom by the male/female tag team who locked her into the stall with the padlock and chain he'd been wearing as jewelry.

Or, the one who spent an entire flight being pitched by people playing musical seats because the lady sitting next to her, who had a pitch the editor liked decided to inform the entire cabin (who were mainly writers on their way to a conference) that the woman was an editor open to pitches.

I think I'd have locked myself in the bathroom after the 3rd one, but considering the padlock incident, she may have been afraid to tempt fate.


Cat Moleski said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the reminder. I'm headed to NJSCBWI tomorrow. Will keep it in check.

Donna Hole said...

Liked it. Hope that's never me - the flustered first one.


1000th.monkey said...

That was awesome.

Crazy, but awesome :)

Rebecca T. Little said...

As uncomfortable as it was to watch the first few attempts, I can only imagine how hard it must be for agents to deal with stuff like that constantly. After a day or so of that I think I'd barricade myself in with a can of mace handy!

petemorin said...

Rochelle! You should be in pick-chahs!

Escape Artist said...

So good! Very well done!

Christine Rains said...

That was hilarious! I get flustered when talking to writing professionals. I'm so shy. Thankfully I recently found a writing group in town that will let me practice!

Sophie Playle said...

Haha! Brilliant.

Riley Redgate said...

Oh. Oh God. This is cringe-worthy.

Though honestly, I can't really talk. XD I'd probably be afraid of being babbling-lady, so I'd just stew in awkward silence the whole time. -sigh-

Laila Knight said...

I'm pretty sure I'd babble unless you catch me on a good day. She did a great job. Loved it.

Marsha Sigman said...

The close Africa lady pitch is still my favorite...even if it's wrong.

I have family like that.

Alli Sinclair said...

I'm the pitch coordinator at this year's RWA Australia conference and when members ask me about pitching to an agent or editor, I'm going to steer them to your blog. Thanks!

Zellie M. Quinn said...

Thanks for the entertaining education :)
Zellie M. Quinn

Kristin Laughtin said...

So funny! I'm sure it's one of those situations that's funnier as fiction as real life, though. Basically your elevator pitch is a verbal query, right? So cut out all the details about yourself (unless you're pitching nonfiction and have a platform, I guess) and focus on the STORY. Not the themes, not your goals, but the actual plot.

M. Caliban said...

"My calling was to save the animals of the world. My book is called... To Save the Animals of the World. "


jan said...

Body language...pretty much says it all. And facial expressions speak louder than words. Thanks for the first laugh I've enjoyed all day!

wry wryter said...

Door Opens.
Author steps inside.
Door closes.
Door opens.
In swims Shark.
Door closes.
Even deeper.
Door opens.
Out swims shark.
Shark licks chops.
Shark loved Pitch.
Author's name was Pitch.
Shark had good taste.

Michael G-G said...

If I ran a writing conference, this vid would be part of my orientation for attendees.

Gilbert J. Avila said...

I guess the ultimate nightmare would be to be on the receiving end of a badly thought-out elevator pitch when the elevator stalls.

My captcha is "bedless?"

Avery Aames said...

Janet, thanks for sharing this with your fans. What fun to read all of their comments. I'm glad the movie could be of help. I hate to admit how many of those "characters" were based on my mishaps. LOL

~Daryl aka Avery Aames

Jacqvern said...

Great depiction. Very instructive video.

Thank you :D

Lyn Midnight said...

Brilliant. Funny. Informative. Thank you so much for this! And the last instance was truly the perfect pitch. I wish I could be so concise. Sounds like something I'll have to work on. :)

Lyn Midnight said...

Correction to previous comment: NOT the last as it was obviously the most inappropriate one, lol. I meant next to last instance. Well, you know that. :P

christine tripp said...

That was hilarious! I've seen this happen at conference after conference, the video is certainly not exaggerated...sadly.

Good news for you REAL agents, now that PA has their own "literary agent" new writers tempted to attack agents at conferences can just pay $199 and poof, representation...ha:)

Corinne O'Flynn said...

Hilarious! I just can't imagine people actually behave that the first few crazy example. It is the stuff of silly vlogs... no? Please say yes. I beg you.

Claire Dawn said...

It's funny cuz it's true.

Off to practise my pitch! :)

M.E. said...

Thanks for posting this video clip - hilarious depiction of over-ambitious writers at the Cons. :)

Ben Kane said...

Excellent - thanks for such a funny post!