Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What did Barbara Poelle leave at the bar last night? **UPDATED

A great time was had by all, particularly the ever-slithery Barbara Poelle, agent extraordinaire (and by extraordinaire I mean Potato Vodka Queen of the Known Universe)

Sadly Barbara forgot an item at the party. She texted us to ask us to hang on to it if we found it.

What did Barbara lose?

Was it A: her tiara?

Was it B: the keys to her dungeon manuscript reading room?

Was it C: her pink sombrero?

Was it D: her own version of BossyPants?

Was it E: her date for the evening?***

***Barbara telexed from her hideout an undisclosed location to let me know the date did not quite as well as she'd hoped:

Was it E: All of the above?

Was it F: none of the above?


LeeAnn Flowers said...

If I answer E, do I get credit for either answer?

Sarah W said...

It couldn't be E -- I've seen pictures of Mr. Barbara, and I can't imagine anyone forgetting him.

So I'm going with D: her version of Bossypants, which I'm thinking could actually be a copy of Bossypants.

Bryce Daniels said...

Dons his Hercule Poirot 'stache.

The answer, it seems, lies less in what she is missing than in what she can't live without.

So let's begin at the bottom.

Dragon dates? Nope, a dime a dozen.
BossyPants? Seems one could survive without underwear, but this detective isn't EVEN going there.
Pink Sombrero? A little tequila can amend this situation.
Keys to her dungeon, err reading room? Getting closer, so it must come down to these latter two items. Now, I figure those keys will get her into ONE room, a room stuffed with items she probably receives by the thousands each year. But a tiara? A tiara will get a person into ANY room.

So it seems that (A) is our answer. I also notice that the letter (A) is missing from "extraordinaire" in your post.

All reward monies can be forwarded to the Bryce Daniels Preservation Society.

L.G.Smith said...

When vodka queens get tipsy they tend to lose their crowns. I'm going with A. Though the key to the dungeon is a close second.

Jane said...

I'm gonna vote for F. She left behind her gold-colored newsie cap. :-)

Slush said...

I am gonna go with F. None of the Above.

For some reason I think she would remember all those thingg. I could be wrong though; probably am. I have no self confidence *hangs head in shame*

Kate Larkindale said...

I'm going for B. People leave their keys all over the place. I have about 10 sets in my lost property box right now....

I know. I'm boring and practical. Way more fun to have lost a tiara.

Josin L. McQuein said...

Well phooey. I don't see my guess on the list. I figured the slithery one left her shed skin. :-P

Rebecca T. Little said...

Hmmm...appears E is both her date and all of the above. Well that complicates things a bit! I'll go with E2, all of the above, though it makes me feel as if I'm making a selection from one of those little snack machines with letter and number buttons.

Phoenix said...

F obviously -- she lost her camera and YOU found it.

jesse said...

I don't know, but I guess that means the auction is off? If it is, that's too bad, I needed a new _______ (s).

ashelynn sanford said...

It's F! She left behind her gold newsie cap!!

TPoelle said...

G: her dignity.
(actually, it's been lost for a while. Somewhere around our second date)

Deep River said...

Perhaps she forgot her gun belt

Gilbert J. Avila said...

Maybe it's none of those. Back in the day, if I had a really great time at a party I usually ended up losing :
1) My wallet.
2) My pants.
3) My senses.

Bri Clark said...

Her virginity?

Alaina said...

I'd have to say 'A'... Queens wear that sort of thing. :-)

wry wryter said...

She didn't get them back either.

Rob Cornell said...

I'm going with C: her pink sombrero--though if it's D, I'll have to start frequenting the parties you go to. :)

BW said...

Definitely F: None of the above.

I think it was food for the shark (cupcakes, candy, the next great novel...)

Michael G-G said...

I love the fact that someone is still "telexing." No wonder she still hangs out with the dinos in a dungeon.

Shane Scollins said...

Clearly she lost her moss-covered three-handled family grudunza.